You’re Awake at 4:00 AM, No Sleep – Now What?

You’re Awake at 4:00 AM, No Sleep – Now What?

You’re Awake at 4:00 AM, No Sleep – Now What?

Sleeplessness strikes.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there (yes, even those heavy sleepers). Dawn approaches. The wee hours of the morning will soon roll into simply the morning. It’s 4:00 AM, and that sought-after sweet slumber avoids your best efforts.

For all but a lucky few, this usually leads to trouble. But no worries, there’s a game plan in place. A recent Huffington Post article addressed the situation and offered some interesting advice. According to sleep experts Eric Olson (Mayo Clinic) and Harneet Walia (Cleveland Clinic), the following steps can help:

Don’t just lay there….do something! Staying in bed awake is probably the worst thing you can do. Get up and engage in light activity. Read a magazine article or listen to some music. This can help “reset” your brain back into sleep-mode.

Give relaxation a chance. Sometimes your body just needs to be gently goaded into drowsiness. Relax by stretching out, meditating or lightly tensing different areas of your body, then letting go. Similar to the previous step, these methods can help prepare your body for restful sleep. This also includes the old trick of counting sheep. Olson says that this method gets your brain from thinking, “I can’t sleep” to something else.

Schedule your worries. It sounds a bit outlandish, but it just might work. Instead of worrying about the next day when your head hits the pillow, do it beforehand. Pick a time – after dinner, 8:00 PM, whatever – to quickly review your day and preview the next. Olson says this can alleviate unwanted stress when bedtime approaches, and possibly avoid those 4:00 AM restless spells altogether.

Turn the tables on time. We can’t escape the clock entirely, but visual cues sometimes make a sleepless stretch into endless hours of frustration. Instead of watching the alarm clock, turn it toward the wall. Simply put, this trick could be called, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Your mattress can also contribute to those sleepless nights. If you’re looking to get the most comfortable mattress at a great price, browse our store today. That 4:00 AM problem might stem from an old or sagging mattress. Don’t suffer another restless episode – put yourself in a sleep-friendly environment.

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