What is the Right Bed for You?

Did you know we spend an average of 200,000 hours in bed during our life? Finding the right bed is an essential part of getting quality sleep across your lifetime. Sleep experts recommend finding the right bed to increase your odds of quality sleep, which contributes to living a healthier, more productive life. Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for the right bed.

Do I Have Specific Health Needs? 

Everyone has unique needs when it comes to finding the right bed. If you have certain health conditions, such as back pain, muscle pain, or acid reflux, you’ll need to take a little more time finding the right bed. An adjustable bed might be a better option to help with your health conditions. 

What Type of Mattress Do I Need? 

The  mattress you select is just as important as the bed you choose. When finding the right bed, quality goes a long way. You want to select a durable bed that you know will last. There are several mattress types and various comfort levels to consider when shopping for a new bed. 

Innerspring Mattress 

Innerspring mattresses are the most common mattress type. They feature a core of metal support coils wrapped in a cushiony fabric material. They have a quilted top and are available in various comfort levels including firm, extra firm, cushion firm, pillow top and plush. Because they support most sleep positions, if you move around a lot, an innerspring mattress might be right for you. 

Memory Foam Mattress 

Memory foam mattresses are constructed of a type of polyurethane foam that distributes weight evenly over its surface. This type of mattress will contour to your body to provide maximum support to the spine. If you have back or joint issues, a memory foam mattress will cradle those pressure points to help relieve pain.   

Hybrid Mattress 

A hybrid mattress is a combination of an innerspring and foam mattress. Sleeping on a hybrid mattress gives you the best of both worlds – with the support of innerspring coils and the softness of memory foam. Hybrids add layers of foam to reduce the amount of motion transfer from a moving sleeping partner while keeping the support provided by innersprings. Unlike a traditional innerspring mattress that have the same layer on the top and bottom, a hybrid mattress has a top to bottom design that keeps the mattress from being flappable.  

What Size Bed Do I Need? 

The old saying in carpentry goes, measure twice and cut once.” The saying also holds true when shopping for a new bed frame and mattress combination.

It’s important to measure your room and consider where you will be placing your bed. Once you have your room dimensions in hand, follow these simple guidelines to choose the right bed size.

To get a visual sense of how different mattress sizes compare check out our mattress size comparison chart.

 mattress size comparison chart


Dimensions: StandardTwin beds are 38” wide x 75” long.  

Best For:  Twin beds have enough room for an average size adult to sleep comfortably. Twin beds are also often used in children’s rooms.  

Recommended Room Size: The bedroom should be around 70 square feet to accommodate a single Twin bed or set of bunk beds. This will ensure space for scattered toys, a dresser and possibly a storage chest. If two Twin beds are placed in the same room, the room should be at least 10’ x 10’. 


Dimensions: A typical Twin XL Beds is 38” wide x 80” long. Although they’re the same width as standard Twin mattresses, twin XL bed and mattress combinations are a full 5” longer. 

Best For:  Twin XL beds are a good option for kids who are still growing and some taller than average adults. 

Recommended Room Size: The room should be around 7’ x 10’ to comfortably fit a Twin XL bed frame. This will still leave space for a dresser or storage chest. 


Dimensions: Sometimes also called Double beds, Full size mattresses measure 54” x 75”. This is a generous 16” wider than a standard or standard XL mattress.  

Best For: Full size beds have plenty of room for two smaller-bodied people to sleep comfortably. In addition, they’re a great choice for children who are beginning to outgrow their standard size Twin beds.  

Recommended Room Size: To accommodate a Full bed, a room needs to be 10’ x 12’ or a total of 120 square feet. 


Dimensions: Although they’re the same 80” in width as a standard Full mattress, Full XL beds are 54” long. This makes them 5” longer than a standard Full bed.  

Best For: The additional length makes Full XL beds a good alternative for taller sleepers who need extra foot room.  

Recommended Room Size: Although a full XL bed will fit in a 10’ x 12’ room, it may be a bit cramped. For a Full XL bed to fit comfortably, a bedroom that’s at least 10’ x 16’ is recommended. This will leave plenty of space for moving around, even after adding furniture. 


Dimensions: 60” wide x 80” long  

Best For: Queen beds fit two average size adults and are also a good choice for furnishing a spare room or guest room.  

Recommended Room Size: Although a Queen bed will fit in a 10’ x 10’ room, it might feel a bit cramped. A 10’ x 12’ bedroom will provide room for a dresser, nightstand, or comfortable chair for reading and relaxing. 


Dimensions:  76” wide x 80” long, about the same size as two Twin XL beds placed side by side.  

Best For:  King beds are great for couples who enjoy a lot of personal sleeping space as they provide enough room for sprawling and stretching without disturbing your sleeping partner.  

Recommended Room Size: Kings will fit in a 10’ x 12’ bedroom. However, a 13’ x 13’ or larger room will ensure an open, spacious feel after adding some furniture and accessories. 


Dimensions:  72” wide x 84” long. Although they’re 4” narrower than a standard king mattress, Cal Kings are also a full 4” longer.  

Best For:  Couples with small children or pets will especially appreciate the generous proportions.  

Recommended Room Size: A California King is best for a 12’ x 14’ bedroom so there is space for walking around and furniture. 

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