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Our Firm Mattresses for Sale

Sleep industry experts recommend replacing your mattress every five to seven years. Selecting a mattress with the right degree of firmness and support can mean the difference between tossing and turning throughout the night or having sound, restful sleep that allows you to consistently wake up refreshed and recharged. For many people, firm mattresses provide the solution.

Choosing the correct mattress for your particular situation can involve a considerable investment of time, effort and money. Making the right choice from the many different brands, sizes and models on the market, however, can be overwhelmingly frustrating and time-consuming. That’s why the first step when shopping for a mattress should be visiting one of Sit ‘n Sleep’s 38 firm mattress stores throughout the Southland. Speaking with one of our knowledgeable Sleep Consultants will take the confusion out of mattress shopping and determine which degree of mattress hardness is best for your particular situation and also find you the best firm mattress deals.

Our Sleep Consultants take several factors into consideration when recommending a mattress, including your body type and weight, whether you suffer from back pain and your preferred sleeping position. Firmness is a somewhat subjective term, which means the deciding factor in choosing a mattress ultimately comes down to personal preference as to the degree of hardness.

Choosing the wrong mattress can aggravate or even be the cause of lower back pain. People suffering from back problems tend to prefer firm and extra firm mattresses for the additional support they offer. The best hard mattresses tend to improve sleeping posture, relax the back muscles and keep the spine in alignment, all of which can help ease lower back pain. A firm mattress can also reduce pressure on the circulatory system, which allows for increased blood flow throughout the night. Conversely, sleeping on a mattress that is overly firm can in some instances actually cause or worsen muscle aches and pains, in which case a somewhat less firm mattress that lets the hips and shoulders sink in slightly is the right choice.

Firm mattresses and hard foam mattresses,  are on the lower end of Sit ‘n Sleeps Comfort Level Scale, also tend to be the mattresses of choice for those who sleep on their stomachs because of the full-body support they provide. A mattress that lets you sleep soundly without pain or stiffness is the correct choice. Spend enough time testing mattresses with varying degrees of firmness by lying on them to decide which is best for you.

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, which makes choosing a mattress with the correct firmness even more important for your general health and well-being. Start by visiting one of Sit ‘n Sleep’s Mattress Superstores conveniently located throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange and San Diego Counties and have one of our Sleep Consultants help determine the best firm mattress that’s right for you. We’ve been helping people sleep better for decades, and we can help you as well.

Visit Sit ‘n Sleep in-stores and see our firm mattresses for sale, or buy firm mattresses online today!