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Purple Mattresses at Sit ‘n Sleep

Specialized technology delivers the signature comfort and support that Purple Mattress is known for. Experience what many Purple Mattress reviewers call the best night of sleep — shop Sit ’n Sleep today.

What Is a Purple Mattress?

Purple uses its proprietary GelFlex® Grid as the foundation for every mattress. We carry a wide variety of Purple products, including the Purple Restore Soft Mattress and the Purple RestorePlus Firm Mattress, so you can find the one that’s right for you. You can also add the Purple Cloud Pillow and the Purple Premium Plus Smart Adjustable Base with pillow tilt for the ultimate sleep experience.

How You Can Sleep Better with the Purple Mattress from Sit 'n Sleep

Purple mattresses are designed to provide pressure relief and temperature regulation, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You stay cool and comfortable throughout the night, so you won’t feel overheated or achy. Our expert sleep consultants can help you find the ideal mattress from the Purple collectionat Sit ‘n Sleep.

An Innovation in Sleep Comfort

The Purple mattressGelFlex Grid is made of a hypoallergenic visco-elastic polymer that is both soft and supportive. The geometric grid structure conforms to your body's contours, no matter your sleep position, providing pressure relief without sacrificing the support your body needs for deep, restorative sleep.The grid also incorporates cooling air channels that draw out body heat and maintain a steady temperature that promotes high-quality rest.

Your Mattress, Your Way

We understand that everyone sleeps differently. That's why we offer Purple mattresses in a variety of firmness levels and sizes. Our mattresses are available at many price points to fit every budget, and you can watch for our Purple mattress sales for special deals. We also include a 100-night sleep trial so you can try out your mattress risk-free. 

Is a Purple Mattress Worth It?

You can’t put a price on how incredible it feels to wake up alert and energized each morning. Purple is the new standard in sleep comfort, one that combines science and technology todeliver true mattress innovation that can change the way you sleep.

Discover the Power of Purple

The time to improve your sleep is now. Visit Sit 'n Sleep today to find the best selection of Purple mattresses near you.