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SmartLife Mattresses at Sit ‘n Sleep

You have a smartphone. You may have a smartwatch or smart home devices. But do you have a smart mattress? Discover how technology can transform how you sleep with a SmartLife mattress by King Koil from Sit ‘n Sleep.

Read SmartLife mattress reviews, and you’ll hear how these cutting-edge mattresses help people sleep better with adjustable comfort levels, access to sleep data, and much more — and most of these features are available via a wired remote or mobile phone app. 

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping on a SmartLife Mattress?

The King Koil SmartLife Mattress delivers an optimal sleep experience because it is personalized to you. The technology adapts to your sleep positions and patterns throughout the night, and gives you important daily, monthly, and annual sleep statistics — like how many hours you sleep and your sleep state — so you can see where your sleep habits may need improvement.

You also have the ability to set the firmness level on both sides of your SmartLife mattress for maximum comfort. Throughout the night, the mattress adjusts to your sleep position to provide ideal pressure relief and support. And when you wake up from your restful night of sleep, the Relaxation Mode uses its signature wave motion to gently transition you into your day.

Are There Different Types of SmartLife Mattresses?

Sit ‘n Sleep offers different SmartLife mattresses for you to choose from: 

How Does the Technology in SmartLife Mattresses Work?

The SmartLife mattress is powered with innovative ioBED technology that senses your body position as you sleep and adjusts to your movements. Plus, the mattress is constructed with 80 Smart Cells and eight independently controlled zones to completely monitor you during the night, along with several layers of memory foam.

What Warranty is Offered With a SmartLife Mattress?

Sit ‘n Sleep gives you a 120-Night Sleep Trial on your King Koil SmartLife mattress to ensure it meets your needs. We will also help guide you through the warranty process, if needed.

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