Twin XL Mattresses

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Our Selection of Twin XL Mattresses

A Twin XL bed has plenty of room for a young child to grow and still sleep comfortably. Growing children need adequate support to promote healthy bone and muscle growth. When choosing a Twin XL for a child – or anyone - with allergies or asthma, consider purchasing a mattress with a synthetic filling to help prevent dust mite or allergens that can cause adverse reactions.

What is Twin XL Mattress?

A Twin XL mattress is an extra-long Twin size mattress. It has the same 39-inch width as a Standard Twin, but is five inches longer, which allows it to accommodate taller sleepers more comfortably. At 80 inches long, a Twin XL mattress is the same length as a king or queen mattress. Two Twin XL mattresses placed side by side are exactly the same length and width as a King Size mattress.

The reasonably priced Twin XL mattress size makes a good choice for smaller bedrooms where floor space is at a premium. Twin XLs are also often found in college and boarding school dormitories. Being comparatively small and light weight, a Twin XL mattress is easier to turn or rotate periodically, which is recommended by manufacturers to preserve the mattress’s level of support and extend its useful life. An XL Twin mattress, however, is realistically too small for a couple to sleep together comfortably.

The price of an XL Twin mattress, are near the top of the affordability scale, but as with all size mattresses, will vary by manufacturer, model, comfort level, and construction type. The comfort levels of Twin XLs sold by Sit ‘n Sleep range from Firm to Ultra Plush. Construction types include Foam, Hybrid, Innerspring, Latex and Memory Foam.

Do You Need a Twin XL Mattress?

Would it be better to buy a regular-length twin mattress, an extra-long twin mattress, or maybe a double (full-size) mattress? Ask yourself these questions to identify the ideal mattress size:

  • Do You Have Tall Sleepers? Anyone less than 6’ 8" will fit into a twin XL bed, whereas a double bed can only accommodate someone 6’ 2" or shorter. No one likes sleeping with their feet dangling into the air, so make sure your bed is longer than the sleeper.
  • Are Your Kids Growing? Some kids outgrow their twin mattress after an unexpected growth spurt. By choosing an extra-long twin mattress, parents know the bed is a lot more likely to be too long rather than too short, which helps extend the life of the mattress. Plus, you can repurpose it to become a guest bed once the kids leave home.
  • Do You Need Something Versatile? Just about anyone can sleep comfortably on a twin XL mattress. Granted, this option is not appropriate for couples, but for individuals it’s more than adequate. If you need a dependable guest bed with a small footprint and an affordable price point, consider an extra-long twin mattress.
  • Are You a Back Sleeper? People who sleep on their backs keep their bodies in essentially a straight line, meaning they won’t spill over the edges of a twin XL mattress. However, side and back sleepers tend to sprawl to both sides and may prefer a wider sleeping surface.
  • Are You Furnishing a Vacation Rental? Twin XL mattresses work great in vacation rental properties for the same reasons they’re often used in college dorms - they can accommodate almost anyone. If your goal is to furnish any kind of rental property with something reliably comfortable, pick an extra-long twin mattress.

Where to Buy Twin XL Mattress

Sit ‘n Sleep’s Twin XL mattress prices can’t be beat. Our low price guarantee means you never have to worry about paying too much. Be on the lookout for a Twin XL mattress sale for truly exceptional savings.

Sit ‘n Sleep takes the mystery out of where to buy a Twin XL mattress. We carry all major brands, including Serta, Beautyrest, Aireloom and more. See our extensive selection of XL Twin Mattresses either online or by stopping by one of our 38 conveniently located Southern California showrooms. Our experienced Sleep Consultants are on duty seven days a week to answer any questions you may have concerning Twin XL mattress types or support levels.

While visiting a Sit ‘n Sleep showroom, you can physically try out various mattresses comfort levels and types to determine which you find the most comfortable. Be sure to also check out our full range of bedroom furniture, bedding and accessories for a bargain price on a Twin XL bed and headboard to go with your new mattress.