Sleep Consultants

Just about everyone in Southern California is familiar with our owner, Larry Miller, from his funny and attention-grabbing TV and radio commercials. Throughout the years, Larry has done battle with his accountant, Irwin, millions of pesky dust mites and our competitor’s high prices. This month in our television and radio ads, Larry is taking a break from his adventures to introduce you to some of Sit ‘n Sleep’s many loyal employees. To help you get to know some of our Sleep Consultants, we’ve asked them a few questions about what it’s like to work at one of So Cal’s most instantly recognizable retailers.

Ali Tehranchi

Ali has been working for Sit ‘n Sleep for 17 years and as the Store Manager at our Tarzana location has been helping Valley residents get a great night’s rest.

Patrick Quinlan

Patrick has been working at Sit ‘n Sleep for 22 years and is our Regional Sales Manager.

Angie Jones

Angie has been working at Sit ‘n Sleep for 16 years and currently she’s a Sales Lead at our flagship Culver City store.