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Our Primo International Mattresses

At Sit 'n Sleep, we sell Primo International mattresses in many comfort levels, including:

1. Firm

A Primo mattress in this category features carefully selected foams and exceptional sewing patterns to deliver outstanding support. In addition, firm Primo International mattresses include an extra layer of cushioning and are closer to the ground than other Primo options.

A firm mattress is ideal for those who sleep on their stomach or back. The firm surface helps keep the back straight and reduces the risk of lower back pain by eliminating the downward bow that sometimes occurs with softer mattresses.

2. Plush

Plush Primo mattresses fall in the middle of the comfort spectrum. They include between 1 to 4 inches of extra foam than firm mattresses.

Also, a plush Primo International mattress includes quilted padding under the surface that makes the mattress a great choice for those who sleep on their side or back. The padding alleviates side pressure from the shoulders, arms, and hips. And if you lie on your back, the padding will fill in the small of your back.

3. Pillowtop

Pillowtop, aka "boxtop," mattresses represent the softest of the four firmness levels. Each pillowtop mattress features additional padding attached to the top of the mattress to provide immense softness.

For those who already use a mattress pad to soften their mattress, a pillowtop mattress may prove to be an outstanding choice. Or, if you sleep on your side or your back but prefer a softer feel, a pillowtop mattress may be the right mattress for you.

4. Eurotop

Eurotop mattresses are similar to pillowtop varieties. However, a pillowtop is sewn on top of a mattress, while a Eurotop is built into the mattress itself.

The Eurotop design reduces pressure points and improves the mattress' longevity. Moreover, both pillowtop and Eurotop mattresses usually serve as excellent choices for children or elderly individuals with orthopedic problems.

Discover the Right Mattress from Sit 'n Sleep

Sit 'n Sleep sells many high-quality mattresses from Primo International. Our inventory includes mattresses of all four firmness levels, along with assorted memory foam mattresses designed to meet or surpass your personal preferences. We even offer special bundle pricing as part of the Primo Homerun All-in-One Package, which includes a mattress, platform bed, and wired adjustable base.

For more than 30 years, Sit 'n Sleep has been a premier supplier of Primo International bed options. From our Primo Galaxy mattress to our Primo International memory foam mattress options, we sell dozens of first-rate Primo mattress varieties every day. Furthermore, we continuously update our inventory and will always ensure that you can get the best Primo mattress price.

Lastly, we back all of our Primo International mattresses with expert support. We employ sleep consultants who are professionally trained and understand our entire mattress inventory. That way, you can receive world-class assistance during your search for the perfect mattress.

Shop with Sit 'n Sleep for a mattress today – you'll be happy you did! We'll make it easy for you to purchase a top-rated mattress at a price that matches your budget.