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Why Extra Firm Mattresses at Sit ‘n Sleep?

Some people like a plush mattress they can practically sink into. Other people prefer something firmer. But what if you want something beyond that? Then you need an extra firm bed.

An extra firm mattress offers the ultimate sleep support. These super firm mattresses don’t have a lot of give like a softer mattress. They won’t sag or budge under your weight, so they give you a sense of stability. Plus, they tend to stay cooler during the night.

Sit ‘n Sleep offers a wide variety of extra firm mattresses from top brands for you to choose from. Stop by a location near you or shop online. 

What Makes an Extra Firm Mattress Beneficial for Individuals with Back Pain?

An ultra firm mattress is ideal if you have back pain from sleeping on a softer mattress. That’s because the mattress construction is designed to support your spine more than a softer mattress will, which relieves pressure. This means you can have a good night’s sleep that’s not interrupted by back pain, and you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed.

How Do I Determine If an Extra Firm Mattress Is the Right Choice for My Sleeping Style?

A supportive hard mattress may be ideal for you if you have back pain, or if you suffer from neck or shoulder pain as well. Extra firm mattresses are beneficial for stomach sleepers because they don’t sag, which can cause back pain. They’re also good for people who weigh more and for anyone who tends to run hot when they sleep.

How Do I Care For and Maintain My Extra Firm Mattress to Ensure Its Longevity?

Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for your extra firm mattress. Additionally, we recommend rotating a new mattress every week for the first three or so months, then once a month, after that, so there’s even wear for greater longevity.

Sit ‘n Sleep Financing & Warranty

We offer customers multiple financing options so you can purchase the mattress of your dreams. We also offer a 120-Night Sleep Trial period and warranties based on the brand of mattress you purchase. You can learn more on our FAQ page.

Visit Sit ‘n Sleep today for the best selection of extra firm mattresses, and keep an eye out for our extra firm mattress sales so you can enjoy the best prices.