Why is Memory Foam so Popular?

What exactly is memory foam? We’ve all seen the commercials with someone jumping on a mattress with a glass of red wine that never tips over, but what is it made of?

What is memory foam?

Why is memory foam so popular?Technically, memory foam is a high density visco-elastic polyurethane material. Translation? It’s a super dense material that molds either to pressure or heat. This means that it’s denser than traditional mattresses, making it more supportive. But just because it’s denser, doesn’t mean it’s firmer. The material used to make memory foam is sensitive to heat, so a mattress made of memory foam will conform to your body. This is because your body heat will help it mold to your individual form.

Memory foam was initially developed for NASA to improve aircraft cushions. The first Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress was released in 1991.

Why do people love it?

Memory foam is a unique material in comparison to traditional mattresses. Traditional mattresses don’t conform as well to the human body, and they can transfer motion much easier. Memory foam mattresses are made to form to the human body, providing you with a more supported sleep experience. These mattresses disperse your weight evenly, which makes memory foam perfect for people who wake up feeling achy or sore. It will support your muscles, meaning it can relax while you sleep. This allows for a much deeper sleep compared to traditional mattresses.

If you share a bed with a spouse or partner, memory foam mattresses transfer less motion, so you won’t disturb your sleep partner. It is also resistant to mold, bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites, and many other common allergens.

Where can you get a memory foam mattress?

Sit n’ Sleep offers a variety of different memory foam mattresses for you to choose from. With various sizes and comfort levels, you can be sure to find the perfect mattress for your needs. If you’d like a firm mattress, a plush mattress, or any in between, Sit n’ Sleep can help you find the right mattress that fits your needs. We even have a memory foam mattress made specifically for kids!

If you’re tired of your traditional inner-spring mattress, or you wake up feeling sore and achy, consider buying a new memory foam mattress from Sit n’ Sleep. Come and check out our selection of mattresses today!

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