Mattress Sleep Study: A Helpful Guide for Mattress Shoppers

Couple laying on their stomachs on a hybrid infinity mattress


A good night's sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being, and at the heart of restful slumber lies a quality mattress. But there are countless choices out there, and that can be overwhelming. Innerspring? Hybrid? Cool zones? Memory Foam? Pillow top? Figuring out how to choose the best mattress for you may seem like a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together the essential guide to mattress shopping.

We’ve pulled together our consumer research and industry insights to give you everything you need to know about how to shop for a mattress. You’ll learn what questions to ask and key points to consider. Because when it comes to buying a new mattress, you shouldn’t be losing any sleep over your decision.

How to Shop for a Mattress

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Your bed is an intimate space, so it makes sense that selecting a new mattress is a highly personal decision. Before the process even begins, it helps to consider the following questions. The answers will help make your shopping easier and more efficient because you’ve narrowed your very large pool of options.

  • Do you struggle with chronic back aches or joint pain, and the discomfort sometimes keeps you up at night?
  • Do you suffer from allergies or sensitivities to certain materials or dust and dirt?
  • Are you more comfortable on a firm or soft mattress?
  • Are you a side, back, or stomach sleeper?
  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night feeling sweaty or overheated?

Pinpointing these sleep concerns is one of the most helpful mattress shopping tips because it gives you information you can relay to the mattress experts at Sit ‘n Sleep, who can make knowledgeable recommendations customized just for you. Plus, you can get custom fitted for a mattress with our free bedMATCH diagnostic system, which analyzes your unique body and makes over 1,000 calculations to come up with the mattress that’s your ideal match. The process is so easy that you can start it online, then come into the store for our full custom-fitting technology. 

What Should Mattress Buyers Look For?

It’s probably not surprising that comfort and quality should be your top priorities when you’re looking for a new mattress. A well-made, supportive mattress can help ease aches and pains. You’ll sleep better—and you’ll feel better, too! Waking up in the morning pain-free can help improve everything from your mood to your mobility. Plus, a comfortable surface is conducive to restorative sleep, which also contributes to a healthier sense of well-being. 

But what is a “comfortable” surface anyway? It can vary from person to person, but you’ll want to aim for the ideal blend of support and cushioning. If you want to know how to pick a mattress, remember these factors that play a role in the comfort and quality levels of your mattresses

  • Supportive features: A mattress that provides proper support to align your spine and relieve pressure points is essential for alleviating aches and pains.
  • Comfort layers: High-quality comfort layers can enhance your sleep experience by providing cushioning and contouring to your body's unique shape.
  • Motion isolation: If you share your bed with a partner, a mattress with excellent motion isolation can minimize disruptions caused by movement.
  • Durability: A mattress is an investment, so opt for one that is built to last and retain its shape and support over time.

What is Available For Today’s Mattress Buyers

The world of mattresses offers an extensive range of choices that cater to different sleep preferences and needs, which makes a mattress buying guide indispensable. Here are some of the most common types of mattresses:

  • Innerspring: These traditional mattresses feature a layer of steel coils for support, often combined with layers of foam or padding for comfort.
  • Memory Foam: Memory foam mattresses adapt to your body's shape, providing excellent pressure relief and minimizing motion transfer.
  • Latex: Made from natural or synthetic rubber, latex mattresses offer a responsive and breathable sleep surface that conforms to your body.
  • Hybrid: Combining the best of both worlds, hybrid mattresses feature a mix of innerspring coil support and foam or latex comfort layers, providing a balance of support and cushioning.
  • Adjustable: These mattresses allow you to customize your sleep position by elevating different parts of the mattress. It’s another option if you want personalized comfort; an adjustable mattress can also be helpful for certain health conditions.

Top Questions Asked By Mattress Shoppers

At Sit ‘n Sleep, we’ve sold countless mattresses. That means we’re the experts in how to shop for a mattress, and we drew on that knowledge to compile this mattress shopping guide. We’ve done our homework and listened to a lot of customer feedback. Here are some of the most common questions that are on their minds—and we’ll even give you the answers, too:

Q: What size mattress is the best for sleeping with a partner?

A: Many of our customers prefer a king size mattress because it is longer and wider than a queen (and even wider than a California king), so it offers more sleeping surface. Our top sellers include the Hybrid Infinity Cool Luxury and the King Koil Riptide Plush Euro Top mattresses.

image of the king koil riptide plush euro mattress


Q: What type of mattress is best for back pain?

A: A recent review of medical articles determined that a medium-firm mattress offers the best support for spinal alignment, which can ease or even help prevent low back pain. Based on customer feedback, a top choice is the medium-firm mattress from King Koil.

Q: What type of mattress is good for people with sleep apnea or snoring disorders?

A: Obstructive sleep apnea tends to be more pronounced when people sleep on their backs, and research indicates that side sleeping can decrease sleep disruptions (and the side effects that come with low-quality sleep). The Kingsdown Passions Phoenician Firm Red mattress is the most popular pick among our customers.

Image of the Kingsdown Passions Phoenician Firm Red Mattress


Q: What mattress is best for side sleepers?

A: The sweet spot can be found in medium to medium-soft mattresses. They provide comfort, with the right amount of firmness to relieve pressure points like the shoulders and hips while also supporting your back to prevent pain. Many people prefer a memory foam mattress, or a hybrid one that combines foam and innerspring coils, including our best-selling Kingsdown Passions Navarino Plush Blue.

Q: What is the average price point someone spends for a high-quality mattress?

A: Our customers spend an average of $2,015 on an individual mattress.

Q: What is the best pillow for stomach sleepers?

A: Thin pillows that are flatter and firmer offer better head, neck, and shoulder alignment. 

image of scrumptious side pillow


Q: What mattress is best for cooling off hot sleepers?

A: Mattress technology offers several advancements that help dissipate the heat your body generates during sleep and promote better airflow, decreasing the chances you’ll wake up overheated in the middle of the night. For instance, our customers like the Hybrid Infinity brand, which includes cool (in every sense of the word) features like a cooling gel foam, pocketed springs for better breathability, and a specialized cover designed to prevent overheating.

Q: What is the best mattress for allergy sufferers?

A: Dust mites, pet dander, bugs—there are many indoor allergens that can trigger symptoms, and if they are in your bed, that can interfere with a good night’s sleep. Hypoallergenic memory foam, latex or natural materials such as wool can help keep allergens away, and you can also double up your protection with a hypoallergenic mattress cover. Our customers like the Stearns & Foster Reserve - Medium.

Q: What is the best mattress for heavier individuals?

A: People with more body weight need the stability and support that come from medium-firm to firm mattresses. These styles can support extra weight and provide proper body alignment while also allowing for easy movement during sleep without sagging or sinkage. Our customers prefer the Hybrid Infinity Cool Luxury and the King Koil Duet Ultra Firm mattresses. 

The Most Important Factors We Found When Buying a New Mattress

So how to pick a mattress can be boiled down to these points, according to our sleep study:

  • Comfort: The mattress should offer the right balance of support and cushioning to ensure a comfortable sleep.
  • Durability: Invest in a mattress that is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring continued support and longevity.
  • Motion Isolation: If you share a bed, you won’t be awakened when your partner starts moving around in their sleep.
  • Temperature Regulation: Look for mattresses with breathable materials or cooling technologies to help maintain your body temperature during the night.
  • Trial Period and Warranty: Opt for a mattress that comes with a generous test period and warranty, allowing you to test its suitability and have peace of mind regarding its quality.

What Mattress Is Best for You?

We hope these mattress shopping tips are helpful as a guide when you visit stores in person or online. In the end, however, your individual needs and preferences will be the deciding factor when you are buying a new mattress. That includes:

  • Sleep position: Different sleep positions require different levels of support and cushioning. For example, side sleepers may benefit from a softer mattress to alleviate pressure points, while back or stomach sleepers might prefer a firm or extra-firm surface for proper spinal alignment.
  • Body type: Your body weight and shape can influence the level of support and comfort required in a mattress. Heavier individuals may need more support, while lighter individuals might prefer a softer feel. If you’re taller than average, you may want to select a California king size, which is longer than a typical king.
  • Allergies or sensitivities: Opt for hypoallergenic or organic mattresses made from natural materials to minimize potential triggers.
  • Personal preferences: Level of firmness, cooling features, specific brands, and bed size such as queen, full, king, twin, or California king should also be taken into account.

Where to Shop for Mattresses

Our mattress buying guide has made it clear that you have a lot of choices when it comes to mattresses. But you also have a lot of choices when it comes to where you shop for a mattress. Sit ‘n Sleep’s Southern California and online stores are unmatched for selection, customer care, and no-hassle policies for returns, exchanges, and warranties. Stop by today and see how easy it is to find the mattress that’s just right for you.