How to Stay Up All Night

As a leading mattress store, we’re usually encouraging our customers to get plenty of sleep. But this blog is shifting gears away from shut-eye and will instead focus on something we all have to do, every now and again: pull an all-nighter. We’re giving you tips on How to Stay Up All Night.

How to Stay Up All Night

The reasons for going an entire night without sleep vary from person to person. You many need to work a late shift at work. There’s one more chance to study before the big mid-term exam. Or maybe you want to see that sporting event halfway around the world live.

Planning a sleep-free night? While it’s certainly not recommended, here are some useful methods for keeping those eyelids open:

· Sleep soundly the night before. In other words, put a zzzzzzeposit in your sleep bank. Getting a few extra hours can fight the urge to sleep when you want to stay up.

· Use external stimulants. During your all-nighter, step outside in the chilly air. If you have access to a pool, take a quick swim. Play some music. Eat some spicy food. There are many ways to change up your routine, and any one of these (or combinations thereof) might do the trick. And even if they’re not terribly effective, just trying different things will keep you awake!

· Don’t eat. This works for some people. Fasting helps lower insulin and elevates human growth hormone, an ideal hormonal state for staying awake.

One thing to realize after you pull an all-nighter: your body will push back. Your natural circadian rhythm is the body’s default mode of operation. The sun rises, and it’s time to start the day. The sun goes down, and it’s time to unwind, relax and shut down for the day. It’s how we humans have been “synched” for millions of years. And just 24 hours is enough to say, “OK, that’s enough. Let’s get back on a normal schedule.”

And when that “push-back” happens, you might as well enjoy the best sleep possible. Sit ‘n Sleep offers a superior selection of mattress, all at exceptional value. We have showrooms all over California, with convenient locations everywhere across the Golden State.

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