Spotlight of the Month: Beautyrest

From AirCool design to Independent Support Technology, Beautyrest Mattresses have been revolutionizing the way we sleep since 1925. Beautyrest has been the leading choice for sleepers everywhere thanks to breakthrough technology and superior quality. Sit ‘n Sleep has listed a few reasons why Beautyrest is a leading brand:

Less Motion Transfer

Spotlight of the Month: Beautyrest Do you remember the famous bowling ball commercials? A bowling ball was dropped onto a mattress next to a dozen pins. The pins never fell, illustrating the quality of Beautyrest’s motion separation technology. Audiences loved this commercial, applauded the innovation, and quickly fell in love with the product. Beautyrest mattresses have long been known for their superior motion separation to allow sleepers a deeper sleep and fewer disturbances from a sleep partner. The pocketed innersprings allow for less motion transfer and a better night’s rest.

Stay Cool

The AirCool Design that Beautyrest developed consists of different components that work together to keep you at your ideal sleep temperature during the night. With AirCool memory foam to conform to your body and support you during sleep and AirCool BeautyEdge Foam Encasement to enhance air flow, a cool and restful night is guaranteed with this technology. Even the AirCool Mesh Border Fabric has Breathable Surround that allows for greater air flow through the mattress so you stay cool and sleep more soundly.

Get Support

The Independent Support Technology that Beautyrest utilizes provides conformability and back support for sleepers. The springs are tapered at the top to deliver initial comfort and body contouring. The spring continues to get wider near the base, which promotes proper sleeping posture by adding more layers of support. Beautyrest even offers the NuFlex Foundation, allowing sleepers to elevate the mattress to different positions ideal for reading, watching television, pressure relief and even clearer breathing during the night.

If you’re looking for a mattress that provides support, allows you to stay cool during the night and has minimal motion transfer, Beautyrest mattresses are the choice for you. Choose from a number of styles to fit your personal tastes, including Black, TruEnergy, ComforPedic, Elite and Classic. Since 1925, sleepers have been more than satisfied with these superior mattresses.


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