Beautyrest — Be More Awake

You don’t get to be one of the oldest mattress companies without also being one of the most innovative. For well over a century, Beautyrest has led the industry with groundbreaking mattress technologies that set new standards for comfort and support.

Beautyrest is all about turning its vision into quality products that help you Be More Awake.

It sees sleep as an all-natural performance-enhancing wonder. Beautyrest’s sleep technology is designed for the most restorative sleep, giving you heightened focus, maximized energy, and ultimate clarity during the day.

Beautyrest mattresses help people sleep better all over the world, but it designs, builds, and tests its products right here in the USA. The company proudly stands behind its products — so you can sleep soundly on them.

  • Free Smart Bed Bundle

    Get a Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor with the purchase of select Beautyrest mattresses.The Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor uses highly accurate sensors to monitor and improve your sleep.

  • 10-Year Warranty

    Beautyrest mattresses are covered by a ten-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.

  • Proudly Assembled in the USA

    Beautyrest designs its mattresses right here in the United States and assembles them in sixteen plants around the country.

Get an Incredible Night’s Sleep with Beautyrest
  • The World's Premier Support System

    In 1925, Beautyrest developed the first pocketed coil and nearly 100 years later, it’s back with the most technologically-advanced coil available. T3 Pocketed Coil technology, found only in Beautyrest Black, is three steel strands wound into one coil to absorb energy, and reduce motion transfer between sleepers. It also provides exceptional resilience for support, durability, and undisturbed sleep.

  • BlackICE Cooling

    If you sleep hot, you’re going to love this revolutionary cooling technology featured in both the Beautyrest Black Memory Foam and Beautyrest Black Hybrid mattresses. BlackICE memory foam is infused with micro diamonds that work to diffuse heat. It’s near the surface and cool to the touch, so you can fall asleep in a comfortable sleep environment.

  • Performance Put to the Test

    A Beautyrest mattress doesn’t pass muster on looks alone — durability and performance are key, and that’s why it performs countless tests at its Sleep Technology & Advanced Research facility in Atlanta. For example, the Cornell Test mimics ten years of wear and tear on a mattress to make sure that your Beautyrest remains comfortable and supportive for years to come.

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