Mattress Trends for 2014

What are you sleeping on tonight? Out with the old and in with the new! Check out Mattress Trends for 2014!

Modernization of Chemical Safety Laws

A coalition of mattress makers has been formed to urge Congress to overhaul chemical safety laws. Companies for Safer Chemicals are seeking legislative reforms to support the creation of cleaner and safer products. Of particular importance is making manufacturers accountable for putting toxic chemicals in mattresses designed for babies. Organic luxury mattress manufacturer, Naturepedic, and Lullaby Earth have lent their support to the campaign.

Mattress Trends for 2014

Mattress Trends for 2014

Innerspring bedding emerged as the clear winner over the specialty sleep sector In a poll conducted by Furniture Today of the 15 top bedding producers to identify their projected big sellers over the coming year. Hybrid beds, which combine specialty foams and innersprings, are expected to perform particularly well.

Innovation in technology and educational articles in the press about the importance of a good night’s sleep for performance and well-being are driving an increasingly sleep-savvy public to be more selective in their choices of mattresses and bedroom furniture in general.

$8,000 Superbed monitors hearts and inhibits snoring

When the passenger cruise industry launches itself into outer space, an $8,000 superbed revealed at CES 2014 by Sleep Comfort will undoubtedly feature in high-end cabin furniture. The Sleep Number X12 Bed tracks heart rate, breathing, movements and sleep patterns and even controls snoring. The bed also provides under-bed lighting, massages and a timer that turns off the bedside lamp. Annie Bloomquist, Chief Product Officer at Sleep Comfort hinted that the technology could ultimately be incorporated into its lower-priced beds to make it accessible at all price points.

How does the bed stop snoring? The snorer’s partner simply presses a button on the Sleep Number remote. The bed responds by gently elevating the slumbering head by six degrees to provide temporary relief for mild snoring.


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