The Best Mattresses for Back and Side Sleepers

Chances are you fall into one of the two most popular sleeping positions: back and side. Each position has its pros and cons, and each individual’s personal preference boils down to one factor – comfort. And that’s not surprising, since most people spend roughly 30% of their lifetime sleeping; if you’re choosing a position to spend literally years of time, it helps to find one that works.

The Best Mattresses for Back and Side Sleepers

Before we look at best mattresses for back and side sleepers, it’ll help to quickly review the main differences (other than the obvious) between the two. Sleeping on your side is probably the best option for your back. Plus, this position can help neutralize pressure on knees, shoulders, ankles and other joints. Side sleeping is a default position for pregnant mothers (optimizes blood flow for both mom and baby) and anyone suffering from acid reflux disease (discourages heartburn). For back sleepers, it seems to come down to one main factor – alignment. Sleeping on your back keeps the neck and spine in a neutral position. That single factor (for many people) is all that’s required for solid, uninterrupted shut-eye.

So what are the best mattresses for the two main types?

Back sleepers – for this type, a medium firmness should work best. A mattress that’s too stiff will press against the lower spine, while one that’s super-soft won’t supply the necessary support for the overall body (especially the back).

Side sleepers – unlike back sleepers, this type requires a little give. For a side sleeper, a super-firm mattress prevents proper spine alignment. A softer mattress allows natural positioning for the neck and spine.

As you can see, a mattress that’s firm enough to encourage proper posture yet not too soft to support pressure points is an ideal choice for either type. And remember, a mattress pad or plush pillow can help both side and back sleepers achieve those much-needed zzz’s.

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