Spotlight of the Month: Serta

For more than 75 years Serta has been producing excellent quality mattresses that can provide you with a better night’s sleep. From innerspring to latex foam, Serta has a variety of mattress types that are sure to fit what you need.

Innerspring Mattresses

Spotlight of the Month: Serta

Serta Spencer Plush (innerspring)

These mattresses have a spring and a comfort layer. The innerspring is what supports you while you sleep. There are 4 main types of innerspring mattresses:

  1. Open (or Bonnell) Coil Mattress: This mattress has hourglass-shaped coils that are attached to surrounding coils with a small wire helical. Though these open coils wear quicker than others, the design provides good support and helps to decrease motion transfer.
  2. Offset Coil Mattresses: These mattresses are similar to the open coil, but have a square-shaped head (enabling the mattress to contour better). Serta’s Verticoil Premier in the Sertapedic Collection is an offset coil mattress.
  3. Individually Wrapped (or Marshall) Coil Mattress: This mattress has an individually wrapped coil within separate fabric pockets. These coils are made with twice-tempered steel to provide extra durability.
  4. Continuous Coil Mattress: This mattress has rows of advanced coils made of one continuous wire. This allows the weight to be shared evenly across many innersprings, making the system stronger and more durable. Serta’s Continuous Support Innerspring and Free Flex Innerspring offer this type of coil system.

Latex Foam Mattresses

These mattresses use a latex foam core as the support system, as opposed to innersprings. Latex is a rubber particle suspended in water, making the foam very resilient and breathable. It instantly responds to the body’s shape and is able to provide proper spinal alignment. Serta uses a combination of natural and synthetic latex, making it more comfortable throughout the life of the mattress. Serta’s latex foams are naturally antimicrobial, dust mite resistant, and hypo-allergenic.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Spotlight of the Month: Serta

Serta Prodigy

These mattresses have a visco-elastic memory foam core for the support system, allowing for both comfort and spinal support. Memory foam softens under warmth, allowing the foam to mold to your body shape when you lie down. But with this feature, memory foam can be hotter than other foams. Serta’s Smart Fabric Technology in our memory foam core mattresses and our KoolComfort memory foam quilt in our PerfectDay by Serta collection, help to solve this problem. Memory foam mattresses also allow for pressure relief, and they reduce motion transfer by a large amount.

Each Serta mattress produces a better night’s rest. Come to a Sit n’ Sleep location near you and try out our Serta mattresses!


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