Best Fabrics For Sleeping

Is there anything better than climbing into bed and feeling the deliciously comfortable sheets touch your skin? Many people overlook the importance of their sheets and bedding when it comes to bed shopping. However, the fabric of your sheets can play a huge role in your quality of sleep. Different fibers offer different benefits. The key is to find the one that best fits your needs. Here are the best fabrics for sleeping.


One of the best fabrics to sleep on is cotton. There are different types of cotton sheets including Cotton Percale and Egyptian Cotton. Cotton sheets are lightweight, soft and breathable, allowing for air to circulate to your skin. As a result, these are one of the best bed fabrics for summer. In fact, natural fibers like cotton are known to be the coolest material to sleep in. However, cotton does have some flaws. It’s not particularly good at providing insulation or wicking moisture. If your body temperature spikes during sleep, cotton may not be the best fabric to sleep on for you. That being said, cotton is immensely popular and budget-friendly. If you’re unsure what to go with, cotton is typically a pretty safe bet.


Looking for something more luxurious? Silk sheets might be the way to go. Silk is light and smooth and feels incredible on your bare skin. It’s also an all-natural fabric that has temperature regulating properties. Silk can help keep you cool when the weather is warm and warm when it’s cool. Silk also doesn’t absorb any product, so you can comfortably go to sleep with cream or moisturizer. Furthermore, silk’s ultra-tight weave discourages dust mites, bed bugs and other nighttime critters. However, 100% authentic silk is expensive, and it usually needs dry cleaning. In addition, not everyone loves the unique feel of silk.


The best fabric for hot sleepers is probably bamboo. That’s because bamboo sheets are great at moisture wicking. Bamboo also has a silky-smooth texture that is soft to the touch. In addition, bamboo is light and breathable making it another one of the best fabrics for summer. Bamboo is also believed to be antimicrobial, making it a safer option for those with allergies. However, you should invest in a mattress protector, regardless of your sheet fabric, to protect against filth and allergens.


In recent years semi-synthetic fibers have made their way into the mainstream. One of these fibers is modal, which is derived from beech wood pulp. Modal is considered a “new rayon.” Rayon, itself, is a versatile fabric that can take on the properties of silk, cotton, and wool. Modal sheets are very soft and breathable. They offer temperature-control and moisture wicking and are another one of the best fabrics for hot sleepers. Furthermore, modal is wrinkle-resistant and eco-friendly.

Bonus: Microfiber

Throwing microfiber sheets in as a bonus because they can be made from a variety of fabrics. They can be twill, polyester, nylon, wood pulp or other types. Microfiber sheets offer an ultra-soft feel and finish at a great price. These buttery smooth sheets include extra-fine strands of fabric weaved together. Microfiber sheets are breathable and typically resistant to wrinkling and shrinking. Depending on the fabric, these sheets tend to drape very well and can be extremely durable. However, some may find the soft feel to be too slippery and flimsy.

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