Tips on Purchasing a Mattress for Back to School

School starts in less than two weeks and parents want to do everything they can to give their children the best start to the new school year. Purchasing a new mattress may help. Everybody understands the importance of a good night’s sleep for promoting alertness and attentiveness.

Sit ‘n Sleep Reveals Tips on Purchasing a Mattress for Back to School

Sit ‘n Sleep Reveals Tips on Purchasing a Mattress for Back to School

Scientists at the University of California announced earlier this year that learning, memory and motor skills can be enhanced by a period of sleep in between a period of learning and testing newly acquired knowledge. The correct mattress plays a critical role in ensuring a good night’s sleep.

According to Larry Miller, President and CEO of Sit ‘n Sleep, “An adjustable bed is the ultimate in sleep technology for kids going back to school. Not only do they offer a personalized sleep experience, they are perfect for obtaining the best position for reading or working on a laptop computer.”

Other useful tips for purchasing a back-to-school mattress include:

Size – The most common size of mattress for an individual sleeper is the twin bed. They allow sufficient space and also make the best use of a small room. A full size mattress, on the other hand, allows children room to grow and allows plenty of room for an adult.

Comfort level – Firm is not necessarily better for everybody. Mattresses come in six comfort levels from firm to ultra-plush. A trained sleep consultant can help determine the optimum comfort level.

Mattress type – If an adjustable bed is not suitable for individual circumstances, other types of mattress include memory foam, inner spring, hybrid memory/inner spring mattresses, latex and foam. Memory foam, an increasingly popular option, offers the most flexibility in balancing superior support with weightless contouring to fit the body. Latex mattresses conform to the shape of the body and allow for even distribution of weight. Foam is a cost-effective alternative to the more sophisticated mattress technology.

Pillow – The right pillow is critical to ensuring correct alignment of the neck and spine. Because of the accumulation of dust mites that may cause or exacerbate allergies, even in those individuals who do not consider themselves to be allergic. Pillows come in a variety of sizes and materials. A sleep consultant can help make the correct choice.


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