How to Choose the Best Mattress for You

Choosing a mattress can seem daunting. What size do I need? What does pillow top mean? Are firm mattresses really better for you? With Sit n’ Sleep we can help you find the perfect mattress:

Know your size.

Did you know that your height determines which bed size you should have? The general rule of thumb is if you are taller than 5’5”, you need a queen or larger. A full mattress and smaller are made for people shorter than 5’5”. You will also want to consider if you have a sleeping partner or whether you plan to have one in the next five to seven years. You will also need to consider the size of your bedroom.

Get familiar with the terminology.

Firm mattresses are great for individuals with back pain, because they offer the necessary support to prevent the strain on your muscles during the night. However, if you’re looking for the same support as a firm mattress but with a little more cushion, a cushion firm mattress might be right for you. A plush mattress is the most popular comfort level, and they’re usually for those with smaller frames who don’t require as much support as a larger-framed individual. Pillow top mattresses are soft and great for keeping your body’s natural alignment intact. Euro Top mattresses are designed to be the ultimate in comfort and luxury, giving you that “sleeping-on-a-cloud” feeling. Finally, Ultra Plush mattresses have several inches of superior cushioning, often made with memory foam and latex.

Get comfortable.

Try out the mattresses you intend to purchase, but don’t just lie down and pop right back up. Plan to spend 5-10 minutes laying on the mattress to allow your body to adjust to the new surface. You’ll want to turn over, move around and try out your normal sleeping positions. Try out many different brands and styles of mattress, including memory foam, latex, innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Don’t be afraid to test them all! It’s where you’ll be sleeping for the next eight years.

Don’t skip the box spring.

Did you know that an out-of-shape box spring can actually work against the many positive benefits your mattress may provide? Box springs age just like mattresses, and they are intended to be replaced along with your mattress. Additionally, a manufacturer’s warranty is usually voided if you’ve been using a mattress without the accompanying box spring.

Buying the right mattress for you comes down to knowing what you need and testing out your options. At Sit n’ Sleep, our consultants have undergone months of training to help you find the best mattress. Come on in and let us help you find what’s best for you!