Sit 'n Sleep Donates Mattresses to LA Firefighters

Too often, replacing an old mattress gets put on the back burner and a good night’s rest can suffer.

That’s why Sit ‘n Sleep recently partnered with Tempur-Pedic to honor Southern California’s heroic firefighters during Fire Prevention Week, October 7-11. Some of these firehouse stations haven’t had their mattresses’ replaced in more than 20 years!

Sit ‘n Sleep is giving thanks to firefighters all over the LA County by donating new mattresses. Additionally, a team of Sit ‘n Sleep Volunteers are brewing up a delicious home-cooked meal at the firehouses.During Fire Prevention Week, we will be donating 140 new mattresses to Fire Stations all around the Los Angeles area (West Hollywood, Ontario, Costa Mesa, Rancho Mirage and Montecito.) Mattresses are often the last thing that gets replaced at Fire Stations, because of the high cost and budget restrictions. However, a good night’s sleep is essential for these brave firefighters so they can continue to do their job safely.

“We hope our donation of new Tempur-pedic mattresses will raise awareness and honor the men and women who protect our community every day,” Sit ‘n Sleep CEO Larry Miller said.

Sit ’n Sleep will set up the new mattresses and box springs and dispose of the old ones properly, Miller said.

Last Wednesday, we delivered 29 new mattresses to the West Hollywood Fire Department and will be able to rest a little bit easier.

For over thirty years Sit ‘n Sleep has been dedicated to helping local charities in Southern California, including Habitat for Humanity, Make a Wish, City of Hope and Jewish Vocational Services, to name a few.

Sit ‘n Sleep encourages you to support your local fire department during Fire Prevention Week. For more information about Sit ‘N Sleep and our large selection of mattresses, give us a call at 1-877-401-7567.

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