Choosing the Right Mattress Type

choosing the right mattress type

Finding the ideal mattress is crucial to obtaining the restful sleep we all deserve. There are a variety of factors to consider when searching for the right mattress such as your age, weight, history of back or neck pain, if any, and favored sleeping position. However, selecting the most suitable mattress can often be a puzzling, irritating and strenuous task. To assist in making the process of choosing the mattress that’s perfect for you much easier, here are the most popular mattress types for every kind of sleeper.

Firm Mattresses

Firm and extra firm mattresses provide the highest degree of support, which is why those with back and neck problems commonly prefer them to softer mattresses. A firm mattress keeps the spine aligned correctly, promotes good sleeping posture and relieves the back muscles, all of which can reduce lower back pain and contribute to a good night's sleep. When considering a firm or extra firm mattress, though, care must be taken to avoid a mattress that is overly firm, as this can result in back pain or worsen an existing condition.

People who usually sleep on their stomachs usually prefer firm mattresses as well, since they offer full body support. A firm mattress can also be helpful for people with circulatory issues, as the body’s weight is evenly spread. When lying on a firm mattress, the skeletal system endures most of the pressure, which helps circulation and encourages blood flow.

Cushion Firm Mattresses

Softer than a firm mattress, a cushion firm, or “pillow top” mattress is generally preferred by those who need some support but may find a firm mattress to be slightly uncomfortable. As the name implies, a cushion firm mattress has a top layer of soft, cushiony material. Most people discover that a cushion firm mattress provides an ideal combination of softness, comfort, and support.

Plush Mattresses

A plush mattress combines the best aspects of firm and cushion firm mattresses. A plush mattress with its cushiony top layer conforms to the body’s natural contours, while still giving sufficient support to the pressure points of the back, shoulders, and arms for restful sleep.

Since they provide a softer sleeping surface but still give some support, plush mattresses are usually preferred by people who sleep on their backs or sides. Stomach sleepers might think a plush mattress is too soft, as they may need more spinal support.

Ultra-Plush Mattresses

The pinnacle of nighttime softness and comfort! If you are searching for a perfect balance of softness, comfort and support, an ultra-plush mattress is the optimal selection. Also known as “super soft”, “super plush” or “extra plush”, an ultra-plush is the most luxurious and softest mattress accessible.

Restless “toss and turn” sleepers, as well as those who sleep on their sides, often prefer ultra plush mattresses since they help keep the spine aligned while the super soft upper layer supports the hip and shoulder.

Adjustable Bases

Adjustable bases provide infinitely more sleep choices in terms of sleeping positions than conventional bed frames which just enable you to lie down horizontally. An adjustable is essentially a motorized bed frame that moves, allowing the sleeper to select which portions of the bed to adjust and to which degree. The best part is that you can pair an adjustable with most types of mattresses for a truly personalized sleeping experience. Here are a few great reasons to consider an adjustable bed.

You Will Not Disrupt Your Partner.

Reading, working, or watching television in bed is easier than ever with an adjustable base. Instead of constantly taking pillows from your partner’s side for your legs and consistently changing the ones behind your back, an adjustable base can choose the perfect position for your back and legs for activities apart from sleeping.

You Will Eliminate Those Aches and Pains.

Experiencing aches from time to time is normal. Maybe you slept in a strange position, or you strained a muscle at the gym. But chronic aching could be a sign of misalignment. With adjustable beds, you can now locate the ideal posture for your body in bed. Lower back pain can become a thing of the past with the proper support.

You Will Simply Feel Better!

Having enough quality sleep is necessary for various elements of life, including mastering new abilities, being successful at school or work, preserving a healthy weight and keeping your energy level up. The National Sleep Foundation reveals that inadequate sleep duration is linked with an increase in motor vehicle accidents, unhealthy body weight, heart issues or diabetes, depression, and a decreased capability to focus.

Unlimited comfort options can be yours at the touch of a button with an adjustable mattress from Sit ‘n Sleep. Let us help you get the sleep you need, so you can start your day feeling perfectly rested!