Choosing the Right Mattress Type

mattress type

Each of Sit ‘n Sleep’s 38 conveniently located retail outlets throughout Southern California carries a full line of name brand mattresses. Known for offering top quality mattresses at the best prices, Sit ‘n Sleep has mattresses in all popular sizes, including Twin, Double/Queen and King/California King. Each is available in a variety of comfort levels to ensure a good night’s rest for virtually anyone.

Having the right mattress is essential to sleeping well. Factors to take into consideration when selecting a mattress include age, body weight, history of back or neck pain, if any, and preferred sleeping position. For the average person, however, selecting the right type of mattress can be a confusing, frustrating and sometimes even an exhausting experience. That’s why each Sit ‘n Sleep store has trained Sleep Consultants on duty seven days per week to help customers select the best mattress for their body types and firmness preferences. Below is information on some of the most popular mattress types.

Firm Mattresses

Firm and Extra Firm mattresses offer the most support, which is why people with back and neck problems usually prefer them over softer mattresses. A firm mattress helps keep the spine properly aligned, improves sleeping posture and relaxes the back muscles, all of which can help alleviate lower back pain and promote sound sleep. When considering a firm or extra firm mattress, however, care should be taken to avoid a mattress that is too firm, which might actually cause back pain or further aggravate an existing condition.

People who are “stomach sleepers” also tend to choose firm mattresses, since they provide full body support. A firm mattress can be beneficial to people with circulatory problems, since the body’s weight is evenly distributed. When sleeping on a Firm mattress, the skeletal system bears most of the pressure, which allows for improved circulation and increased blood flow.

Choosing the right mattress is a matter of personal preference and comfort. Here is where the assistance of a Sit ‘n Sleep Consultant can help. Spend enough time testing mattresses with varying degrees of firmness before reaching a decision – after all, you spend a third of your time in bed, so take the time to make sure it’s the right decision.

Cushion Firm Mattresses

Softer than a Firm mattress, a Cushion Firm, or “pillow top” mattress is preferred by people who need some support, but may find a firm mattress to be somewhat uncomfortable. As the name implies, a Cushion Firm mattress is a firm mattress topped with a layer of soft, cushiony material. Many people find that a Cushion Firm mattress offers an ideal balance of softness, comfort and support.

The right mattress will provide the proper level of support, while letting you sleep soundly through the night and awaken relaxed and refreshed the next morning. When you decide it’s time to get rid of that old, sagging mattress and start sleeping well again, visit one of our Southern California locations. One of Sit ‘n Sleep’s trained Sleep Consultants will eliminate the confusion, answer your questions, address your concerns and guide you through the process of selecting the mattress that’s just right for you.

Plush Mattresses

A Plush mattress combines the best features of Firm and Cushion Firm mattresses. A Plush Mattress with its cushiony top layer conforms to the body’s natural contours, while still providing enough support at the pressure points of the back, shoulders and arms to ensure a good night’s rest.

Because they offer a softer sleeping surface but still provide some support, Plush mattresses are often preferred by people who sleep on their backs or sides. Some people who sleep on their stomachs, however, consider a Plush mattress too soft, since they may need more spinal support than a Plush mattress provides.

Ultra Plush Mattresses

The ultimate in nighttime softness and comfort! If you want a perfect balance of softness, comfort and support, an Ultra Plush mattress is the right choice. Also known as “Super Soft”, “Super Plush” or “Extra Plush”, an Ultra Plus is the softest, most luxurious mattress available.

Restless “toss and turn” sleepers, as well as people who sleep on their sides often prefer Ultra Plush mattresses because they keep the spine in alignment while the super soft upper layer cushions the hip and shoulder. Stomach sleepers, however, usually prefer a firmer mattress with sufficient support to keep the spine from sagging and avoid morning backache.

Firm, Cushion Firm, Plush or Ultra Plush – Sit ‘n Sleep has them all at prices sure to please. Visit one of our Sleep Centers conveniently located throughout the Southland today, meet with one of our trained Sleep Consultants and start sleeping well again tonight!

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