4 Tips for Building the Ultimate Pillow Fort

Admit it, you miss doing it. Crafting a pillow fort using bedding accessories and furniture always pulls up nostalgic memories. However, it’s never too late to share some laughs and pick up this ancient art. Here are some tips to building the ultimate pillow fort with your children.

4 Tips for Building the Ultimate Pillow Fort

4 Tips for Building the Ultimate Pillow Fort – Source: The New York Times

1. Location, Location, Location

Scouting for the prime real estate is the most important aspect. Make sure the fort is placed in an area with not too much traffic and near an electrical outlet so you can plug in nightlights, fans, charge iPads, wrap the fort with Christmas lights, etc.

2. Pick a Solid Foundation

Will you be using chairs or a table to lay out the structure of the pillow fort? Couch cushions can be very stable when perched up against something. Avoid using bedroom pillows as they can easily collapse. You can even sit on a mattress for extra comfort. Other well-known best bets are four dinner table chairs, couches, or a table (creates an instant roof too!).

3. Use a Sheet as a Roof

Using a heavier material like a comforter can create too much slack and makes it too hot inside. After stretching the sheet over the foundation, you can hold it in place by tying the corners around door knobs or even pin your roof to your furniture using binder clips. A large umbrella can also double as a great roof.

4. Remember, this activity is all about your children!

Bring picture books, games, snacks and an imagination and enjoy this marvelous staycation with your loved ones!

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