• Step 1

    Stop by your nearby Sit 'n Sleep and share some information about yourself and your sleep patterns.

  • Step 2

    bedMATCH measures your sleep position, crunches all the numbers, and reveals the mattress for you.

  • Step 3

    Choose the mattress that fits your budget as well as your body from our curated, tested, and certified collection.

  • Step 4

    Feel comfortable with your mattress decision for years to come.

BedMATCH Desktop


  • How Does bedMATCH Work?

    Start online & let our system build your initial sleep profile. To get started, you’ll answer a series of simple questions about: your sleep preferences, your body type and your sleep habits. After your complete the dynamic questionnaire, bedMATCH will provide color-coded recommendations for proper postural support, identifying all the mattresses in our stores that fits your profile. Next, vist your local Sit'n Sleep location near you!

  • How does bedMATCH measure my body?

    The sensors in the bedMATCH test beds take 18 statistical measurements and makes over 1,000 calculations to determine your recommended level of postural support.

  • What is postural support and why is it important?

    It's the sustained support needed to keep the body in a relaxed, neutral position while sleeping. Settling into an unnatural position on a mattress that doesn't deliver proper support can cause discomfort, morning aches and pains, and can contribute to larger health issues over time.

  • How do I know what my postural support recommendation is?

    Your color-coded results will appear on the bedMATCH computer screen, showing a recommendation for you and, if applicable, for your partner, along with a blended recommendation.

  • What are the colors and what do they represent?

    Each color represents a different type and level of postural support, ranging from extra firm to plush support. Gold = plush support Green = medium plush support Blue = medium firm support Red = extra firm support

  • What information must I provide?

    General information, such as your first name, gender, age, whether you have a sleep partner, your preferred sleeping position, side of the bed you sleep on, your height and weight, if you suffer from any pain when sleeping or waking, and the location of such pain.

  • Does my sleeping partner need to be with me to determine the best mattress for us?

    It isn't necessary but it is recommended so they, too, can experience the diagnostic process and the recommended results.

  • What is a blended recommendation?

    You can get a blended recommendation when two sleep partners have different postural support needs. Blended recommendations identify the ideal support level and matching mattresses that best meet both sleepers' need.

  • Is there a cost associated with using the bedMATCH system?

    None at all.

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