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Mon-Fri 10am - 9pm

Sat 10am - 6pm

Sun 11am - 6pm

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Mattress Store - Moreno Valley

Looking for the #1 retail mattress store in Moreno Valley or near Riverside? Then check out the Sit ‘n Sleep Moreno Valley mattress superstore location for the best mattresses, beds, bedsprings, and other quality sleep products. Conveniently located at 12550 Day St., just off the 60 Freeway.

Sit ‘n Sleep is known throughout Southern California for its huge selection of quality mattresses and other sleep products at great prices. More importantly, we’re also known for our knowledgeable sleep consultants and superior customer service that can be hard to find in other Moreno Valley, CA mattress stores. If you’ve been disappointed by the selection and level of service you’ve encountered elsewhere, in Riverside for example, let the team at Sit ‘n Sleep show you how easy — and even fun! — shopping for a mattress can really be. Trust us, it doesn’t have to be stressful, high-pressure, tedious, or expensive.

You see, our goal isn’t just to sell mattresses in Moreno Valley — it’s to make sure you get the right sleep products that deliver a restful, healthful sleep night in and night out. Everyone has different sleep needs based on body type, health conditions, and preferred sleeping positions. Our sleep consultants are trained to educate you on how to understand the different sleep products we carry and choose the best ones that match your individual sleep profile. That’s because we want to help you get the best sleep possible, not just sell you the most expensive product in our inventory. You won’t find that commitment at every mattress store Riverside, but at Sit ‘n Sleep, it’s at the heart of our mission.

These days, mattresses for sale in Moreno Valley seem to come and go with the seasons. One day they’re there, the next day they’re gone. In contrast, Sit ‘n Sleep has a long track record of serving Southern California communities like Riverside for nearly four decades. During that time, we’ve made a commitment to giving back to the communities that contributed to our success. This includes regularly participating in fundraising causes, such as cancer and muscular dystrophy. We’ve also donated hundreds of new mattresses to fire stations throughout Southern California to help our first responders stay well rested for emergencies. Now, as always, Sit ‘n Sleep aspires to be a pillar in the Moreno Valley and Riverside community, improving not just the sleep of local families but also the character and quality of the neighborhoods they live in. Don’t just work with any mattress store in Moreno Valley, work with one that cares about more than just the bottom line.

-Sit ‘n Sleep - For Mattresses in Moreno Valley, CA

You don’t realize how important a good night’s sleep is until you go without it. At Sit ‘n Sleep, our goal is to make sure you achieve the quality sleep you need each and every night! Many things cause bad sleep, from a noisy bedroom to a spicy late-night snack. But in most cases, the mattress and bedding materials are the culprits, because if the bed beneath you feels uncomfortable, it’s hard to relax enough to fall asleep and stay asleep. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to feeling sore each morning and groggy every day — visit Sit ‘n Sleep in Moreno Valley!

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Offering the best selection of mattresses in Moreno Valley, CA, Sit ‘n Sleep carries more than two dozen of the leading brands, in all sizes, style, and comfort levels. Whether you prefer traditional coil springs or the latest in high-tech gel foams, you’re sure to find a mattress that fits your comfort level and your budget. To support your new Riverside mattress, we have a great selection of regular beds and bed frames, rollaway and day beds, and mattress support systems. We even carry adjustable beds for those who like to use their beds for more than just sleep. If you have never tried an adjustable bed before, we encourage you to visit our mattress store Riverside, CA to try one out in person — it really will change how you use your bed.

To make your new bedding look as good as it feels, we offer a wide variety of quality sheets, pillows, pillowcases, and shams. We stock a full line of mattress protection products to protect your Riverside mattress and your health. And we offer a wide variety of stylish bedroom furniture, ranging from nightstands to chests and mirrors, to make any bedroom look good. No matter how you like to sleep, lounge, or decorate, count on Sit ‘n Sleep to help you turn your bedroom into the oasis you’ve always wanted. We’re here to raise the bar for Moreno Valley, CA mattress stores.