Foods that Will Help You Sleep Easier

Foods that will help you sleep easier

Everyone knows about the “delicious” value of a midnight snack. While we don’t encourage this as an excuse to overindulge, a little food in your stomach may actually help you sleep.

What about those times when you’re lying wide awake at night and no matter what you try you just can’t get to sleep?

Believe it or not, changing what you eat – even by just a little bit – can make all the difference between being wide awake and sleeping like a baby. Here are a few foods that can help you sleep easier, and the foods you should avoid.

Foods That Help You Sleep

Two of the main nutrients found in this tasty fruit are potassium and magnesium, which also double as muscle relaxants. They are also full of tryptophan, an amino acid that produces serotonin and melatonin – both of which also act as relaxants and promote sleepiness.

Peanuts and Peanut Butter
If you love peanut butter sandwiches, or just peanuts in general, you’ll be happy to hear both can help you if you’re having trouble falling asleep. That’s because peanuts have a lot of niacin, another nutrient that helps release serotonin into your system.

Believe it or not, grapes are the only fruit that naturally contain melatonin, a sleep regulating hormone. Add a handful of grapes into your diet just before you go to bed, and you will be able to fall asleep faster.

These little treats are packed with protein. Like bananas, they’ve also got quite a bit of magnesium and melatonin, which can help you catch more Z’s.

An old standby for many, a warm glass of milk can be just the thing to help you get to sleep. A solid source of calcium, milk is also full of tryptophan, which helps with serotonin and melatonin production.

Foods That Keep You Awake

High-Fat Foods
Items like a burger and fries and other fatty foods can cause disruption in your sleep cycle because they are harder to digest. The digestive tract slows when you’re sleeping, so eating a fatty meal may overwhelm the digestive system.

We know you’re not hitting the coffee at night, but it’s the little things like caffeinated soda, chocolate or some teas can prevent you from falling asleep. Try to cut out these items 6 hours before you go to bed.

While alcohol seems like it helps you fall asleep faster, it can lead to a disruptive sleep. Alcohol dehydrates your body, which can lead to headaches, night sweats and more. If you’re consuming alcohol in the evening, balance each drink with a glass a water to dilute the alcohol’s effects.

Spicy Foods This can cause heartburn and upset your stomach, which means more trips to the bathroom. Spicy food can make histamines release into your body, promoting wakefulness.

Fall Asleep Faster

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