Are Silk Bed Pillowcases Better for You?

Some people swear by silk bed pillowcases. Proponents claim that silk is smoother than cotton, nylon and other traditional fabrics, offering a variety of benefits. However, most people sleep on something other than silk pillowcases. So who’s right? The masses, or the minuscule portion that’ve traveled the Silk Road to sleep?

The results are mixed, but silk pillowcases do show some interesting results. Sit ‘n Sleep has done some research, and here are some arguments from the pro-silk side.

The Benefits of Silk Pillowcases

Non-absorptive qualities. If you use creams or other facial treatments, a silk pillowcase won’t absorb any product. But cotton cases (and other fabric types) can rub off vital moisturizers. As you can probably guess from this benefit, silk pillowcases are very popular with older women.

Helps reduce skin wrinkles. Unlike a standard cotton sheet, silk’s forgiving and smooth texture is easier on the skin. Upon awakening, people who enjoy silk pillowcases show a better complexion, at least when it comes to wrinkles.

Dust mites, be gone. Silk’s ultra-tight weave discourages dust mites, bed bugs and other nighttime critters. Even the cotton and nylon blend types can agree that’s certainly a good thing! This is also the reason you should invest in a mattress protector.

Improved hair appearance. For those people who suffer from chronic “bedhead,” give silk a try. Generations have used silk for better-looking hair.

It’s much softer than cotton. This is silk’s big draw. With literally silky smooth texture, it’s simply more supportive and comfortable.

Make Sure you Have the Right Pillow

Your pillowcase can make a noticeable difference in your sleep. However, it’s important to consider your actual pillow as well. Make sure you have the right pillow for your sleep position. Generally back sleepers should invest in a pillow that conforms to pressure, with medium firmness. Side sleepers need a fluffier pillow to fill the gap between their neck and shoulder to keep their spine aligned. Extra soft pillows are best for stomach sleepers because they allow the head to sink down for a healthy spine.

Stop By Sit ‘n Sleep

If you’re in the need for a new pillow or pillowcases, come visit your local Sit ‘n Sleep. Looking to learn the difference between satin vs silk pillowcases? Our Sleep Consultants can explain the difference and help you decide. Furthermore, if your mattress is older than eight years old, it’s time to replace. We’ll walk you through our extensive selection to make sure you have everything you need for a good night’s sleep.