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Shut-Eye Sleep Collection

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The Right Comfort Level for You

Everyone wants a comfortable mattress. However, what’s comfortable to one person may not be comfortable to another. To meet the personal preferences of today’s sleepers, Shut-Eye Sleep Collection mattresses come in four different comfort levels.

  • Firm. Shut-Eye Sleep Collection mattresses in this category use carefully selected foams and tighter sewing patterns to create optimal support with limited “give.” Typically constructed with a lower height than other levels of firmness, firm mattresses are constructed with a layer of cushioning, yet are not as soft as other models.

A firm Shut-Eye Sleep Collection mattress is recommended for people who prefer to sleep on their stomach or back. The firm surface helps keep the back straight and prevents lower back pain by eliminating the downward bow that can occur with softer mattresses.

  • Plush. With anywhere from one to four inches of extra foam added to the top of a firm mattress; plush Shut-Eye Sleep Collection mattresses fall in the middle of the comfort spectrum. By increasing the layers of softer convoluted foams, plush mattresses offer more “give” than a firm mattress.

The quilted padding under the surface of a plush Shut-Eye Sleep Collection mattress makes it ideal for people who like to sleep on their side or back. The padding provides pressure relief for the shoulder, arm, and hip when on one's side, yet also fills in the small of the back when lying on the back.

  • Pillowtop. Also called a “boxtop,” pillowtop mattresses are the softest of the four firmness levels of Shut-Eye Sleep Collection mattresses. This particular design uses attached padding on the top of the mattress to produce a softer feel than the plush design. If you’ve ever added a mattress pad to make your mattress softer, you're a good candidate for a pillowtop Shut-Eye Sleep Collection mattress. Also, if you typically sleep on your side or your back but prefer a softer feel, the pillowtop is just right for you.
  • Eurotop. Fairly new to the sleep products world, eurotop mattresses are similar to pillowtops. The difference is the pillowtop is sewn on top of the mattress, while the eurotop is built right into the mattress. This unique design helps to reduce pressure points and improve the longevity of Shut-Eye Sleep Collection eurotop mattresses. Both the eurotop and pillowtop make good choices for children or elderly individuals with orthopedic problems.

The Right Shut-Eye Sleep Collection Mattress for You and Your Budget

Sit 'n Sleep offers a wide selection of quality Shut-Eye Sleep Collection mattresses at some of the lowest prices around. Our inventory includes mattresses of all four firmness levels, as well as memory foam options, to meet your personal preferences.