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Although the concept of beauty sleep has for the most part been relegated to the realm the old-wives' tale, studies show it's actually true!

You probably heard the phrase "You need your beauty sleep" at some point when as a child a parent was trying to coerce you to go to bed. Sleeping your way to beauty almost sounds like a too-good-to-be-true concept; something so devious that it was cooked up by someone in the advertising world. Although the concept of beauty sleep has for the most part been relegated to the realm the old-wives' tale, it's actually true!

A recent study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that "...sleep-deprived people appear less healthy, less attractive and more tired compared with when they are well rested." This realization came after a study in which 23 college-age subjects were photographed on two occasions - once after getting a normal night's sleep of eight hours and once after being up for 31 hours after getting only about five hours sleep. Sixty-five observers, who knew nothing about how much sleep each person had gotten, rated the photographs for attractiveness and whether the individuals looked healthy or unhealthy or tired or not tired. The observers judged the faces of sleep-deprived participants as less healthy and less attractive.

Studies also show that a good night's sleep every night of the week can help to reduce wrinkles. According to WebMD, Yale dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, says that when you don't get enough sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. Get enough rest, Perricone says, and you'll produce more HGH (human growth hormone) which helps skin remain thick, more "elastic," and less likely to wrinkle.

Anyone who's familiar with the Sit 'n Sleep Newsletter knows that a good night's sleep can also help keep off the pounds. Not getting enough sleep throws your appetite hormones out of whack. When sleep deprived, your body will produce more appetite-stimulating hormones and less of the hormones that make you feel satiated, which can lead to overeating. Plus, when sleep deprived it usually means you've had more waking hours, which means more time to snack. Plus, being that your body is tired it will attempt to consume more calories to give your tired body more fuel.

In the end, the better sleep you get the more attractive you'll be. Being well rested gives your body more energy and more time to restore itself throughout the night. Tired and listless people are much less attractive than energetic, happy people. Now, it's time start thinking about your looks before you wake up and look in the mirror to do your hair, make-up or shave in the morning. Start thinking about your looks at night when you decide to take advantage of an extra hour of beauty sleep.