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In an ongoing effort to spread the word about benefits of a healthy night's rest, we've collected these informative articles to help So Cal sleepers get the best night's sleep possible!

I had my first allergies at 40 - Is this normal? - L.A. Daily News 6/21/2010

Board-certified L.A. allergist Dr. Marc Meth uncovers some little-known facts about late-onset allergies and shares some allergy-relieving advice from our own Larry Miller. STORY LINK

Winter rains cause allergies to blossom - The Daily Breeze 6/16/2010

Last winter's El Nino storms are creating one of the most difficult allergy seasons in recent memory. Board-certified L.A. allergist Dr. Marc Meth explains why people's allergies are getting worse and what to expect from an allergy test. STORY LINK

Indoor allergens nothing to sneeze at - Antelope Valley Press 6/21/2010

If you're wary of going outdoors this allergy season, you might want to first think about the allergens lurking in your own home. Staff writer Amber Hoffman reports on Sit 'n Sleep's latest sleep health study.