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With a presence on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Sit 'n Sleep has been able to communicate with customers both near and far. Check out our profiles on the following sites.

With a strong and growing presence on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Sit 'n Sleep enjoys communicating with our customers all over the web. Check out the links below to get a feel for where you can find us online.

Follow Sit 'n Sleep on Twitter -- We're talking to our customers here almost every day. We also tweet the occasional exclusive special or advance sale information.

Build Your Own Sleep Book -- Sit 'n Sleep is a proud sponsor of, a useful website that generates a personalized, 35-page sleep book based on a survey of your individual sleeping habits and preferences.

Sit 'n Sleep's YouTube Channel -- Watch our latest commercials and check out our sleep tip video library.

Fan Sit 'n Sleep on Facebook -- Head over to our Facebook page for news, tips, fun, and much more.