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Sit 'n Sleep commercials, on both the radio and television, have become a staple in Los Angeles pop culture. Phrases like "You're killing me, Larry" and "Or your mattress is FREE" have made their way through airwaves for nearly two decades. Here you'll find Sit 'n Sleep commercials for holiday sales, promotional videos and radio spots.

Sit 'n Sleep commercials, on both the radio and television, have become a staple in Los Angeles pop culture. Phrases like "You're killing me, Larry" and "Or your mattress is freeee!" have been coursing through the Southern California airwaves for nearly two decades. Check here often for the latest Sit 'n Sleep commercials, YouTube videos, and more.

Where Do Dust Mites Go to the Bathroom?

Where do you think the millions of dust mites in your old mattress go to the bathroom? One in three people are allergic to dust mite droppings that collect in their old mattresses. So, check your mattress tag, if it's over eight years old it's time for it to be replaced.

A Mattress is Like a Sponge

You wouldn't use the same sponge for eight years, would you? A mattress is like a sponge that absorbs a pound of skin flakes and 25 gallons of sweat each year; not to mention millions of dust mites who feed on it all. So, check your tag because if it's over eight years old it's time to be replaced.

Adjustable Beds

Sit 'n Sleep has the largest selection of adjustable beds in the U.S. Adjustable beds give you the freedom to sleep in multiple positions whether you're watching TV, taking a nap or working on your lap top. Sit 'n Sleep has the guaranteed lowest prices on adjustable beds and we can fit you with the perfect sleep system for your body type.

Sleeping Pills

Trouble sleeping? Forget the sleeping pills! You may only need a prescription for a new mattress. After eight years, your mattress loses its shape and can be filled with millions of dust mites.

Over Eight Years, Your Mattress Can Double in Weight

Did you know that every eight years your mattress nearly doubles in weight? Body oils, dead skin cells, dust mites and dust mite droppings accumulate inside making it heavier. So be sure to check your mattress tag because if it's over eight, it's time to replace.*Read more...*

Sit 'n Sleep's Sleep Consultants

At Sit 'n Sleep, we believe that a healthy night's sleep is too important to leave to just anybody. That's why our people have the best training and advanced diagnostic tools anywhere.*Read more...*

Is Your Mattress Making You Fat?

Did you know that losing sleep might also be causing you to gain weight? Recent medical studies are repeatedly finding a connection between sleep duration and weight gain.*Read more...*

Special Video: Larry and KROQ Set Out to Prove Your Mattress Doubles in Weight Over 8 Years

Larry and Kevin (from the Kevin & Bean Show) and Alex the producer carve up and weigh Alex's 13 year old mattress to prove that your mattress does in fact double in weight after 8 or more years. Dead skin cells, dust mites, oils, are all contributing factors in the weight gain. Moral of the story? If it's after 8, it's time to replace!

Special Video: Larry Surprises an L.A. Homeowner With a New Mattress

As seen on KTLA: Larry hit the streets last month to find an L.A. resident in dire need of a mattress replacement. KTLA reporter Gayle Anderson came along for the ride!

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