Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses

If you experience back pain, a latex mattress may be the solution for you! Latex is made from natural or synthetic rubber, and made its appearance in mattresses as foam in the 1930s. It was discovered that latex provided firm yet bouncy support throughout the mattress, meaning that the mattress didn’t need to be fluffed or flipped as often as it used to be. And while some latex mattresses incorporate other materials like memory foam, they still maintain a latex core system that allows for you to feel supported and stable while you sleep.

In fact, there are two types of latex: Dunlop and Talalay. Dunlop is created by whipping thick rubber sap into a froth, pouring it into a mold, and baking it. Natural sediments settle to the bottom, which makes the Dunlop latex slightly firmer, which translates to Dunlop latex mattresses feeling firmer. Talalay follows the same steps, but the molding process is continued in a vacuum chamber that is then flash-frozen before being baked. This process allows Talalay latex pieces to have a more consistent cell structure throughout, which forms a more pillowy-soft surface. And regardless of what type of latex is used in your latex mattress, you should be looking for what combination of materials will provide you the most comfort and ease for you to sleep through the night.

Our Selection of Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are known for their durability and stability, but can also allow for different comfort levels and mattress types, too. If you’re interested in a plush mattress with innerspring coils, try the Aireloom Super Featherbed Plush. This latex mattress has a layer of Talalay latex, which provides a soft, pillowy feel. Talalay latex is also found as the top layer of the DORMEO® Sérénité™ Line, which offers the benefits of a traditional spring mattress while layers of memory foam and EcoCell® EcoSprings™ allow for airflow and reinvigorating comfort.

If you’re looking for support and a mattress that can also keep you cool during hot summer nights, look no further than the Aireloom Serenity. This latex mattress features Celsion Latex to help keep your body cool while still relieving pressure so you can get a comfortable night’s rest.

All of our latex mattresses come in a variety of types, sizes and comfort levels so you can find the right type of support you and your loved ones desire. If you find yourself asking questions while you browse through your options, feel free to contact us or stop by your local Sit ’n Sleep location today!

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