Air Mattresses

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Air Mattresses

Have you ever wanted to sleep on air but didn’t want some cheap plastic mattress that required inflating with a pump? Now you can sleep on air in style, with a quality air mattress bed from Sit ‘N Sleep.

For years, air mattresses were made primarily of cheap polyvinyl materials that usually lost air during the night and required an air pump to inflate every time you used it. But recently, mattress manufacturers have developed high-quality air mattress beds designed for use as a permanent bed. These adjustable air beds range in size from twin to king and use conventional sheets and bedding. Where they differ from convention beds is by using air, rather than coil springs, foam or latex, as the primary means of support.

How Air Mattress Beds Works

An adjustable air mattress looks similar to a traditional mattress and box springs set, but it uses an air-filled core rather than metal springs and wood framing to provide the sleeping surface. The core generally comes in two options: one large single compartment, or multiple smaller pockets to hold the air. The air compartments are typically made with rubber or reinforced plastic and covered with foam padding. The bed is then covered with a natural or synthetic fabric to add style and comfort.
The #1 benefit with an air mattress is the ability to easily adjust the firmness and level of support. Some sleepers, especially those with chronic back pain, will want a different level of firmness on different nights. Using simple controls, these sleepers can add or remove air in just minutes, making it easy to achieve the desired level of comfort and firmness depending on their sleep needs.

Sleeping On Air

As the most versatile sleep surface currently on the market, air beds offer many other benefits including:

•    A different type of comfort. For some people, sleeping on an air creates a sense of weightlessness, which they find more comfortable than traditional mattresses.

•    Pain relief. Air mattresses help to alleviate back and joint pain by distributing body weight more evenly across the mattress. This reduces the pressure on sensitive areas that can cause pain, so that you wake up feeling relaxed rather than stiff and sore.

•    Prevent pressure sores. For the elderly or sick people who spend a lot of time in bed, air mattresses can also help protect against pressure sores, which can cause pain and create ulcers that are difficult to treat.

•    Adjustable firmness. Air beds with multiple chambers allow sleep partners to choose their own level of firmness on the same mattress. With the touch of a button, each side of the mattress can be made firmer or softer to suit the individual preferences of each sleeper.

Browse Our Air Mattress Selection

At Sit ‘N Sleep, we carry only the finest in air beds. The TEMPUR-Choice® Luxe offers a thick, plush comfort layer with several adjustable comfort zones, and the TEMPUR-Choice® Supreme features the same level of adjustable comfort in a more medium feel. Both air mattresses provide highly individualized comfort for each partner. The high-end air mattresses for sale include:

•    Premium fabric covers
•    Antimicrobial treatment
•    Adjustable comfort and support layers

If you’re ready for a totally different sleep experience, come in to the Sit ‘N Sleep retail location in your area and see what sleeping on air is all about!

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