Twin Mattresses

Also known as a single, the twin mattress is one of the most popular and versatile mattresses in the world. With average dimensions of 38” x 75”, twin size mattresses are designed to comfortably sleep one school-aged child. However, they can be used in many different ways to accommodate different sleeping situations.

 For example, a twin mattress size is idea for trundle beds, daybeds and hideaways. They can also be comfortably used without box springs, which opens up the options for using specially designed children’s beds. Most brands of twin mattresses are available in longer sizes, which allows taller children to sleep comfortably without their feet sticking over the edge of the bed. The taller sizes can also accommodate children as they grow into their teen years without having to get a new mattress.

 Other advantages of the twin mattress include:

 ·         Size. Because they don’t take up much space, a twin mattress set can fit in even the smallest of bedrooms.

 ·         Flexibility. Twin mattresses are ideal for bunk beds, which can double your sleeping space by going vertical. Also, by placing two twin mattresses side by side, children can sleep in the same bed without disturbing each other when they move.

 ·         Easy to move. With its smaller size and lighter weight, a twin size mattress is easy to move or adjust.

 ·         Peaceful sleep. Little children can sometimes feel lonely or even fearful if the bed is too large for them. Twin mattresses give kids that snug, tucked-in feeling that helps them get a good night’s sleep.

 Like all mattresses, the twin can vary in price according to the make, model and manufacturer. Your best bet is to wait for a twin mattress sale, which we offer on a regular basis at Sit N Sleep. We also offer one of the widest selections of quality twin mattresses from reliable manufacturers such as Sealy, Beauty Sleep, Sherwood, Tempur-pedic, Comforpedic and more.

 When selecting a twin mattress for your children, keep in mind that they need plenty of support for healthy growth, and a firm mattress will help ensure that their bones and muscles develop properly as they sleep. Children may also have allergies or asthma that require a synthetic-filled mattress to resist dust mites and other allergens. At Sit N Sleep, our experienced sleep consultants will make sure you select the right mattress for child’s individual sleeping needs.

 When shopping for a twin mattress for yourself or another adult, you will want to consider the type of mattress – box spring, memory foam or hybrid – as well as the level of support. No matter which make or model you choose, you can rest assured of getting the best mattress for your money at Sit N Sleep!

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