Queen Mattresses

Queen mattresses are one of the most popular sizes of mattress, and with good reason.  With average dimensions of 60” by 80”, they’re not as big and bulky as the larger king size mattress.  Yet, they still offer plenty of room for large individuals, couples who like some elbow room when sleeping, and for when the kids or dogs like to pile on in the morning.

The queen mattress was first introduced in 1958 by Simmons, a leading mattress manufacturer at that time. They gave it the name “queen size” mattress because it was fit for a queen. Few who have slept on these large, comfortable mattresses would argue otherwise. But there are other advantages to a queen mattress. They cost less than the larger king size, especially during a queen mattress sale, making it easier to fit into your budget. Plus, they can fit into bedrooms that might be too small or too crowded to accommodate a king.

Because they’re not as big and bulky as a king, queen mattresses are easier to turn over or to move. They’re also excellent for guest bedrooms. Being larger than a regular twin-size bed, it tells your guests that you care about their comfort when they sleep during the night.

Queen size mattresses come in a variety of comfort levels and support structures to meet your needs. There are three basic types of queen size – innerspring, memory foam and hybrid.  Each is made of different materials, and each offers different features and advantages. Comfort levels range from firm to ultra-plush, and are an important consideration when evaluating queen mattresses for sale.

For example, if you have back or spinal problems, you may need a firmer mattress to provide sufficient support. On the other hand, you may love the feeling of sinking into a queen mattress and feeling it gently contour itself to your body. The best way to find the right mattress for you is to visit one of our showrooms throughout Southern California and try out different types and comfort levels.

At Sit N Sleep, we only sell mattresses made by reputable manufacturers. So whether you browse our website or visit us in person, you can expect to see the brand names you know and trust. These include Sealy, Serta, Beautyrest, and Tempur-pedic, as well as some names you might not recognize, such as Aireloom, iSeries and more. Regardless of the name, if you get your mattress at Sit N Sleep, you can rest assured that it will indeed be fit for a queen!

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