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King Koil XL: Get the Best Sleep Ever with the First Mattress for Big and Tall People

Big and tall people have always been forced to sleep on mattresses that are too hard and not very sturdy. That's why King Koil created its World Extended Life (XL) mattress collection to give larger sleepers and their petite partners a soft and supportive mattress that’s built to last.

The XL series is manufactured with resilient, high-density foams, cool and breathable graphite natural latex, King Koil’s exclusive Perfect Contour Reaction® (PCR) coil system, and an extra-strength wood foundation designed to last up to 25 years.

King Koil is the only mattress company to earn the International Chiropractors Association’s coveted Gold Endorsement.

How King Koil XL provides incredible support for everyBODY.

King Koil’s exclusive Perfect Contour Reaction® (PCR) coil system is designed with over 1,000 coils to support big-and-tall sleepers as well as their petite partners.

When people with larger body frames engage deeper into this mattress, over 300 Reactive coils within the PCR coil system activate to provide ideal support. These coils are strategically placed to promote proper nighttime spinal alignment.

Simply put: King Koil XL gives you more support where and when you need it most.

But your sleep partner needs support, too!

The PCR coil system also has 600 Active coils strategically placed so smaller sleepers can enjoy perfect comfort and spinal alignment as well.

How King Koil XL earned the International Chiropractors Association’s coveted gold endorsement.

It’s rigorously tested to ensure proper spinal alignment and sleeping posture.