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How select King Koil mattress collections earned the International Chiropractors Association coveted Gold Endorsement.

The Limited Edition 120th Gold, World Extended Life, and World Luxury Intimate mattress collections have surpassed the five requirements to earn the honor. Here's how it helps you have a healthier night's sleep.

Perfect Contour Reaction™ Coil System: Unsurpassed Support for all Body Types

Sleep partners are rarely ever the same size. That’s why King Koil’s exclusive coil system was created to provide perfect support and proper spinal sleeping posture for all body shapes and sizes.

How did we do it? By designing mattresses with the perfect balance of Active and Reaction coils. For smaller sleepers, there over 600 Active Coils to ensure ideal support to promote proper spinal alignment.

For larger sleepers, who will engage deeper into the mattress, we added over 300 Reactive coils. These firmer coils provide durable support to align your spine for proper night time sleeping posture.

King Koil’s Limited Edition 120th Gold, World Extended Life and the World Luxury Intimate mattress collections feature this exclusive Perfect Contour Reaction coil system to help you wake up bright-eyed and pain-free.

King Koil: Our Company and Our Mattresses are Built to Last

In 1898, Samuel Bronstein founded United States Bedding in St. Paul, Minnesota. What started out as six employees in a small factory has steadily grown. During the 1930s, the company innovated its bedsprings and King Koil was born.

Today, King Koil mattresses can be found in more than 90 countries throughout the world.

King Koil has been around for generations our products are built to last as well.

Our mattresses are made with quality materials and unsurpassed craftsmanship so they retain their shape and support year over year. This commitment to durability is best exemplified by our World Extended Life line which is designed to deliver a great night’s sleep for up to 25 years.

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