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This Ad Has SoCal Sleepers Abuzz

Don't Buy a Mattress in a Box!

Watch Larry save a couple who was just a click away from making a huge mistake – buying a “one size fits all” bed in a box!

Welcome to The Sit ‘n Sleep Experience

We make shopping for a mattress easy, low-stress, and smart. Matching you with the perfect mattress is what the Sit ‘n Sleep Experience is all about!

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    One mattress isn’t right for everyone and Sit ‘n Sleep has the largest selection of America’s favorite brands.

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    Let science help you determine the right bed for you! Our bedMATCH Technology in every store uses 18 statistical measurements and over 1,000 scientific calculations that minimizes the guesswork when shopping for a mattress.

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    Our Sleep Consultants have an average of nine years working at Sit ‘n Sleep. They know the right questions to ask and the answers you need in order to help you find the right bed for you. They aren’t just mattress experts, they’re Sleep Consultants.

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    Sit ‘n Sleep has buying power which allows us to offer you the best prices in Southern California.

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    Sit ‘n Sleep is a multi-generational family-owned business and one of our core values is to treat each other and our guests like family. When you walk in any of our stores, we want you to feel like you are part of that family.

  • We are dedicated to providing you with complete satisfaction from the moment you walk in the door through delivery…and beyond.
Why Choose

WHY CHOOSE Sit ‘n Sleep?

  • Sit ‘n Sleep has over 20 mattress styles to choose in the same price range as your typical "one size fits all" bed in a box seller.

  • Our bedMATCH Technology will help you find just the right mattress for you.

  • For the same price as, say, a Casper, you can get a mattress, box spring, bedframe, delivery and set-up.

  • With a Queen-size mattress set for $950, our incredible Sherwood Purity is just one example of why you’ll want to step out of the box and visit Sit ‘n Sleep.

One mattress isn’t right for everybody.

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