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Technogel Mattresses - Free Travel pillow when you try a Technogel Mattress (in store only)

Technogel Vive Mattress

Technogel Vive Mattress

Mattress Type
Foam Mattress

Comfort Level
Cushion Firm Mattress

from: $6909.99

to: $11719.99

Technogel Mattresses

Sit 'n Sleep offers many Technogel mattresses that will meet or surpass your expectations. Our inventory is regularly updated, ensuring you can pick up a superior Technogel bed anytime you choose.

A Closer Look at Technogel

Technogel blends innovative German engineering and Italian design to create mattresses, pillows, seat pads and other consumer products that deliver exceptional comfort and ergonomic support. It is the first and only mattress brand to feature a thick layer of patented gel. As such, a Technogel mattress deliver cool, comfortable support that is scientifically proven to help you sleep better.

Technogel: An Innovative Material

Features that transform sleep experiences include:

  • Durability: Maintains elastic and mechanical properties to deliver amazing comfort. 
  • Conformability: Distributes pressure evenly across the body, thereby reducing pressure peaks and improving blood circulation. 
  • Thermal Regulation: Transports and disperses body heat and moisture to help you stay cool and comfortable.
  • Ergonomic Design: Has been shown to support the spinal column for sleepers who lie on their backs or sides.

Choose Sit 'n Sleep for a Top-Notch Mattress from Technogel

Sit 'n Sleep is a leading supplier of mattresses from Technogel. Our collection includes:

  • Technogel Sereno Mattress: Offers a soft, cool surface and outstanding ergonomic support.
  • Technogel Armonia Mattress: Provides a firm mattress that includes a latex support layer and cool sleep surface.
  • Technogel Estasi Mattress: Boasts a 1" thick Technogel layer, making the mattress a popular choice for side sleepers or those who prefer a soft, cozy bed.
  • Technogel VIVE Mattress: Includes 1.25" of body-conforming gel to help you rest comfortably.

Each mattress for sale boasts expert craftsmanship and long-lasting quality. Plus, you are sure to find a Technogel mattress price that matches your budget any time you browse our comprehensive selection.

Let's not forget about our team of sleep consultants, either. Our sleep "experts" possess extensive training and are happy to teach you about the differences between all of the different mattress types we have to offer. By doing so, you can pick up a Technogel deluxe mattress that corresponds to your body type, budget and sleep preferences.

Check out our large selection of Technogel mattresses for sale today, and make a purchase that will serve you well consistently.