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Stearns & Foster Twin Mattresses

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Stearns & Foster Twin Mattresses

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In 1846, George S. Stearns and Seth C. Foster used first-rate horse drawn carriages to produce high-quality upholstery – the beginning of their efforts to transform the way people sleep.

The duo later leveraged an innovative process for cotton bunting to create revolutionary mattresses that delivered amazing luxury and comfort. These mattresses made it easier for people to rest comfortably, and as a result, gained immediate notoriety.  

Stearns & Foster mattresses remain excellent options for children, teens and adults. And today, you can pick up a top-of-the-line Stearns & Foster twin mattress from Sit 'n Sleep of Los Angeles any time you choose.

Our Stearns & Foster twin mattress offerings boast four comfort levels:

  • Ultra Firm. For those who demand a firm mattress that offers unsurpassed support, our ultra firm Stearns & Foster twin mattresses serve as outstanding options.
  • Luxury Firm. With a combination of a stiff surface and added softness, each of our luxury firm Stearns & Foster twin mattress options provides a great choice for those who want to find the right mix of comfort and support.
  • Luxury Cushion Firm. Searching for a Stearns & Foster twin mattress that is supportive yet incredibly soft and cozy? Look no further than one of our luxury cushion firm offerings.
  • Luxury Plush. The ultimate in plush mattresses, our Stearns & Foster luxury plush twin-size mattresses blend deep support and softness.

Sit 'n Sleep of Southern California will help you discover what a great night's sleep is all about, especially if you decide to check out our selection of versatile Stearns & Foster twin mattresses.

At Sit 'n Sleep, we recognize that getting consistent sleep sometimes can be a challenge. Whether you're a busy student who constantly worries about homework or a business professional who is focused on climbing the corporate ladder, we understand that a great night's sleep can make a difference in your day-to-day productivity.

As such, we offer superb Stearns & Foster twin-size mattress offerings every day. And no matter which of our Los Angeles Sit 'n Sleep mattress superstores you visit, you'll always be able to receive dependable support from our highly trained sleep experts as well.

Are you preparing to shop for a new Stearns & Foster twin-size mattress? Plan a trip to a Sit 'n Sleep mattress superstore, and we'll help you discover the benefits of a top-rated Stearns & Foster twin mattress. Our sleep experts are at your disposal, and with our assistance, you'll be able to find a Stearns & Foster twin mattress that meets your sleep needs consistently.