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Stearns & Foster Queen Mattress

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Stearns & Foster Queen Mattress


Enjoy the ultimate support, comfort and quality of the legendary Stearns & Foster queen mattress from Sit ‘n Sleep and experience unparalleled luxury at an affordable price. For over 100 years, the Stearns and Foster queen size mattress has been known for incorporating the finest craftsmanship and the highest quality materials to bring you the restful night’s sleep that you’ve been looking for.


Sit ‘n Sleep is proud to offer you a wide selection of Stearns & Foster queen mattresses at outstanding prices. Manufactured under the industry-leading quality of, Stearns & Foster queen mattresses take twice as long to craft as standard mattresses. Each component of the Stearns & Foster queen mattress collection is carefully designed to bring you the most indulgent comfort and exquisite sleep.


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Choose from the best of the Stearns & Foster queen size mattress collection to find the comfort style and design that best suits your sleep needs and budget. Capitalizing on the latest bedding advancements to ensure maximum comfort and support, and building upon years of experience when constructing their queen mattresses, Stearns & Foster delivers a sleep experience unlike any other.


Using only the finest materials from across the globe for their luxury mattresses, each Stearns & Foster queen mattress utilizes silk, cotton, wool, cashmere, memory foam, gel memory foam and Smart Latex to offer you tremendous resiliency, breathability and durability. Individually wrapped titanium alloy signature coils within the Stearns & Foster mattress queen also provides long-lasting performance while minimizing motion transfer.


Sit ‘n Sleep offers you an incredible selection of Stearns & Foster queen mattresses at prices that can’t be beat. In addition to our remarkable deals, we also frequently offer special discounts and limited time offers to help you save even more on the experience of world-class luxury that you’ll discover with your new Stearns & Foster queen size mattress. We also carry several of the best adjustable Stearns & Foster queen mattress foundations, which enable you to customize your position for any activity with the ease of a wireless remote.


Explore the range of queen mattresses Stearns & Foster has to offer and contact Sit ‘n Sleep today to learn more about which mattress is right for your specific sleep needs. We look forward to introducing you to world-renowned luxury at a price you won’t believe.