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Stearns & Foster Full Mattress

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Stearns & Foster Full Mattress


A Sealy Stearns and Foster full mattress uses advanced sleep science coupled with expert construction to provide you with luxurious innerspring and foam mattresses. Stearns and Foster is a brand operated by Sealy; it offers some of Sealy's more prestigious models. Their success is largely attributed to the advanced technologies used in Sealy Stearns and Foster full size mattresses. Features like Intellicoil, Variable Response Technology and Smart Latex, are just a few examples of the high end technology to be found in a Sealy Stearns and Foster full mattress.


The Intellicoil appears in several Stearns and Foster mattress models. It is a very unique coil system where two different coils are designed so that they work together as one. The coil system contains one outer coil, which is responsible for providing soft and comfortable cradling support for the body, plus an inner coil, which offers a more resilient, firmer support for a better combination. This technology is patented as one of the best kept secrets of a Sealy Stearns and Foster full size mattress. The variable response technology is another exclusive innovation to be found in a Sealy Sterns and Foster full size mattress—this is a special upholstery material used to provide extra responsiveness in areas where more support is needed, while also providing softer cushioning in the areas where softness is needed.


Stearns and Foster's latex mattresses are equipped with Smart Latex, a breathable form of latex that effectively adapts not just to the body but also to the way you sleep. As the Smart Latex gets acquainted with your body, the more pressure points are relieved.

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The Wethersfield model is one of the popular Sealy Stearns and Foster full size mattresses, and the most widely sought after variant of this model is the luxury firm version. A Sealy Stearns and Foster full mattress is very specific in its durability claims to protect its reputation. For the Wethersfield model, the comfort life is an amazing 12 years. The comfort layer is made up of a high loft fiber and one inch hyper-soft material. An added layer comfort padding is also affixed; this layer is made up of one inch density SuperSoft foam with High Performance foam.


Hand-crafted from the finest possible materials, the Stearns and Foster full size mattress also comes in the Estate Collection which is known to provide exceptional comfort and style. A Sealy Stearns and Foster full mattress features multiple climate control components as well as premium gel foam, an innerspring system and, of course, an Outlast infused cashmere cover—making for the ultimate in aesthetics and comfort.



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