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Sit 'n Sleep was the first US Retailer to sell Spink & Edgar luxury mattresses. We have an expanded selection of mattress products and an expert staff, to make it easy for you to find the perfect natural mattress. Want to learn more about our Spink & Edgar mattress line? Here's everything you need to know about the collection!

What Are Spink & Edgar Mattresses?

Spink & Edgar is a leading manufacturer of natural mattresses. It is the world's only farm-to-bedroom mattress brand and uses natural bedding materials to produce eco-friendly beds.

Each mattress is crafted in Northern England. In order to make the material for the products, they raise hand-selected Texel/Leicester and Swaledale sheep to produce thick, resilient wool, awe-inspiring linen, and other top-notch natural materials for its mattresses.

What Natural Materials Are Used in Mattresses from Spink & Edgar?

Spink & Edgar mattresses feature:

  • Cotton: With its immense versatility, cotton ensures a natural mattress will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Flax: Natural mattresses that include flax deliver unparalleled strength and remain cool and dry consistently.
  • Hemp: Thanks to hemp, natural mattresses offer mold- and mildew-resistance and extraordinary strength and versatility.
  • Wool: Naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, wool serves as a versatile mattress material.

Ultimately, our Spink & Edgar beds contain outstanding natural materials. By taking the time to source high-quality materials, any of these natural mattresses will serve you well for an extended period of time.

What Types of Natural Mattresses Are Available?

Top natural mattresses from Spink & Edgar include:

  • Angora 9000 Luxury Mattress: Features 9,000 individually wrapped coils covered with extra thick wool and linen comfort layers.
  • Alpaca 7000: Consists of Alpaca fleece and 7,000 individually wrapped coils with comfort layers. 
  • Yorkshire 5000: Includes 5,000 individually wrapped coils that are covered with wool and cotton comfort layers.

At Sit 'n Sleep, our collection of Spink & Edgar luxury mattresses includes innerspring mattresses in firm and plush comfort levels. With our extensive inventory at your disposal, we make it simple for you to find a luxurious natural mattress that suits you perfectly.

Pick Up a Deluxe Natural Mattress from Our Spink & Edgar Collection

Ready to purchase a natural mattress from Spink & Edgar? Select Sit 'n Sleep, and we'll streamline your search for the ideal natural mattress.

Sit 'n Sleep understands you deserve the best night's sleep. As such, we employ friendly, professionally trained sleep consultants who will learn about your individual sleep needs. Our sleep consultants can explain the differences between assorted Spink & Edgar natural mattresses and will help you make an informed purchase decision.

We also sell natural mattresses from Spink & Edgar at budget-friendly prices. By doing so, we guarantee you won't have to overspend to reap the benefits of a natural mattress.

Visit any of our 30+ Sit 'n Sleep mattress superstores today, and you can pick up a high-quality and affordable natural mattress from our extensive inventory!