Sherwood Queen Mattress

Sherwood Queen mattress


Choose from a wide selection of Sherwood queen mattresses to find your ideal comfort level for that peaceful night’s sleep that you deserve.  Sit ‘n Sleep offers you amazing deals on all of the most popular queen mattresses Sherwood has to offer, so you can experience the luxury and sustainable-design of a Sherwood queen mattress while saving a bundle.


For over 50 years, Sherwood has combined revolutionary technology with an unwavering commitment to quality and value, ensuring that each Sherwood queen mattress delivers exceptional comfort and support, while reducing their impact on the environment. Every Sherwood queen size mattress is crafted with sleep health as a top priority and is constructed with organic, sustainable fibers and innovative naturally derived foam. Sherwood queen mattresses deliver a supportive and comfortable sleep experience that’s as gentle for you as it is for the planet.


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Sit ‘n Sleep brings you the Sherwood queen mattress at an affordable price that makes the high-quality of a well constructed mattress accessible to a wide range of budgets. In addition to our usual reduced pricing, Sit ‘n Sleep also frequently offers you special discounts and limited time offers on a variety of Sherwood mattress queen sized beds. From the supple, yet sturdy feel of a firm Sherwood queen mattress to the decadent feel of pillow top, ultra plush or harmony gel, Sit ‘n Sleep offers plenty of options to meet your unique sleep needs.


Search through our wide variety of choices to find the Sherwood queen mattress that suits your sleep needs and price point. From the premier Kendall and Stafford collections, featuring the signature hybrid innerspring and memory foam core perfect for back and neck support, to the soothing comfort of the Conforma Cool series with advanced gel-infused memory foam, to the affordable quality of the Luxuria and Dover series, you’re sure to find the perfect Sherwood queen size mattress for you. We even offer a range of Visco Kids queen mattresses Sherwood crafts for the younger set.


We also offer a variety of foundation options for your Sherwood queen size mattress, including the advanced flexibility of Sherwood Series 600DS Motion Base, which includes an endless array of positions and multiple massage settings. Enhance your experience of the Sherwood queen mattress by adding a wide range of motion that adds to your comfort for sleep and play.


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