Sherwood King Mattress

Sherwood King Mattress


At Sit ‘n Sleep, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of Sherwood king mattresses, designed to offer you tremendous comfort and support while you sleep and affordable prices that are hard to ignore. A relative newcomer to the mattress world, if you consider 50 years of experience new, each Sherwood king mattress combines revolutionary technology with an unwavering commitment to quality and value. Rather than settling for same old design that many mattress manufacturers have stuck to for decades, Sherwood has rethought mattress construction and design from the ground up from the materials to their innovative offset coil support system.


Each Sherwood king size mattress is designed with sleep health in mind and is made from organic, sustainable fibers and innovative naturally-derived foam, delivering a supportive and comfortable sleep experience that’s as gentle for you as it is for the planet. And if for those in need of enhanced support, some of the king mattresses Sherwood offers feature their luxurious pocketed spring coil system. This unique design allows each spring to respond independently to the shape of the body to improve conformance while virtually eliminating sleep-disturbing motion transfer.


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Sit ‘n Sleep is proud to offer you the Sherwood king mattress at an affordable price without leaving you feeling as though you sacrificed comfort for cost. Beyond the already accessible price point of the Sherwood king size mattress, we frequently offer special discounts and offers to our Sit ‘n Sleep customers. For those looking for maximum comfort and luxury we also offer many of the higher end Sherwood king mattresses to choose from as well. Whether you’re looking for a cushion firm Sherwood king mattress for the ultimate in firm support or the decadent feel of pillow top, ultra plush or harmony gel, Sit ‘n Sleep offers plenty to choose from for your unique sleep needs.


For those looking for tremendous value and the reliability of a firm Sherwood king mattress, the Kendall Luxury Firm offers a fantastic option. This popular luxury Sherwood mattress king offers both firm support for those with back and or neck problems along with a thin, cushioned top for additional comfort. 


If you’re in search of a more plush, elegant sleep experience, the Sherwood Brilliance Luxury Plush Euro Top delivers the perfect sinking comfort for the entire body. While providing the comforting luxury of a plush top, this Sherwood king size mattress also maintains reliable support throughout the body.


Learn more about the remarkable comfort and support of a Sherwood king mattress by contacting one of our Sleep Consultants today.