Sealy King Mattress


Sealy King Mattress


Enjoy the comfort and quality of a Sealy king mattress, one of the most trusted names in the mattress industry for over 125 years. Sit ‘n Sleep offers you a wide selection of Sealy king mattresses to help you find the perfect comfort level for you at an incredible price. From the ever popular Sealy Posturepedic line, which combines amazing comfort and pressure relief, to the growing popularity of the Sealy Optimum line, the first mattress to offer cooling memory gel throughout, Sit ‘n Sleep brings you the best of king mattresses Sealy has to offer.


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Sit ‘n Sleep brings you the healthy, supportive sleep of a Sealy king mattress for every price point. As one of the country’s premiere bedding manufacturers, Sealy incorporates years of extensive research and cutting edge technology to bring you the restful and restorative night’s sleep that you deserve. When you sleep on a Sealy King size mattress you’ll experience the maximum pressure relief and push-back support that you’ve been needing.


The Sealy king mattress Posturepedic line from Sit ‘n Sleep has been satisfying sleepers for years. With an exclusive CoreSupport Center™ to provide for additional support where you need it most, the center third of the mattress is power-packed to maximize durability and support to the area that holds the heaviest part of your body. From Cushion Firm to European Pillow Top, this Sealy King size mattress will offer you comfort and support like no other. And with Sit ‘n Sleep, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best price possible.


Sit ‘n Sleep also offers you a selection of the popular River Chase Sealy king mattress line, which offers tremendous comfort, support and value. Available in a variety of comfort levels depending on your preference, the River Chase line offers a new encased coil design that helps reduce motion transfer to provide you with a peaceful, undisturbed night’s sleep at a tremendously affordable price.


The Sealy mattress king size Optimum line from Sit ‘n Sleep brings you the dynamic comfort of the first mattress to feature cooling gel from top to bottom. Combining OptiCool® Gel Foam Memory with Outlast® and OptiSense® Gel Memory Foam, this unique Sealy king mattress is incredibly effective at removing excess to keep you cooler while you sleep. The body-hugging memory foam contours to your unique body shape and weight to give you a cradling comfort and deep support.


Sit ‘n Sleep is proud to bring you the wide selection of king mattresses Sealy has to offer, all designed and built with your sleep comfort in mind. Utilizing the highest quality materials and extensive sleep research, each Sealy king size mattress offers you tremendous support and soothing comfort to help you sleep soundly through the night. Contact us today to order your Sealy king mattress or learn more about which mattress is right for you.