As the world's largest bedding provider, Tempur Sealy International makes a wide variety of quality sleep products, including mattresses, adjustable bases, pillows and more. Known throughout the world for its innovative sleep technologies, the company manufactures and distributes some of the best-known sleep brands in the industry, such as Tempur®, Tempur-Pedic®, Sealy®, Sealy Posturepedic®, Optimum™, and Stearns & Foster®. As the leading mattress retailer in Southern California, Sit ‘N Sleep is proud to offer a extensive selection of Sealy sleep products for your sleep needs.

Four Types of Sealy Mattress

Sealy offers four basic types of mattresses, each with its own set of advantages.

•    Traditional innersprings. These mattresses are known worldwide for their ability to provide uncompromising support. All Sealy innerspring mattresses are constructed with advanced steel alloy coils that combine superior comfort and remarkable durability for years of dependable sleep performance.
•    Gel memory foam. The Sealy memory foam mattress uses advanced sleep materials to provide a level of support similar to innersprings but with improved comfort. The foam material exhibits a unique ability to conform to your body shape and weight, giving the impression that you're sleeping in your mattress rather than on top of it.

•    Hybrids. The unique Sealy hybrid mattress combines the comfort of gel memory foam with the deep support of innersprings. The coil springs underneath create a solid foundation for support, while a top layer of cooling gel memory foam creates a luxuriously comfortable sleep experience.

•    Gel latex foam. Similar to gel memory foam but constructed with a different material, this mattress provides a sleep experience different from anything you've ever felt. Fans of gel latex foam often say that it feels like the mattress actually hugs their body while sleeping.

History of the Sealy Mattress

In 1881, a cotton gin builder by the name of Daniel Haynes began making home-made cotton-filled mattresses for his neighbors and friends.  Because he lived in the town of Sealy, Texas, they became known as Sealy mattresses. Over time, Haynes’ mattresses became so popular that he began selling the patents used to manufacture the mattresses to other manufacturers throughout the U.S. In 1906, a young businessman named Earl Edwards purchased the patents and set about turning the company into a national brand rather than a collection of unrelated regional brands.  He decided to name his company Sealy, and the rest is history.

Browse Our Sealy Mattress Selection

Sit ‘N Sleep offers an outstanding selection of innerspring and hybrid Sealy mattresses for sale to suit the needs of the most discriminating mattress shoppers.  With comfort levels ranging from firm to cushion firm, plush and euro top, our selection includes some of the best selling models in the Sealy mattress inventory, including:

•    Thurloe Cushion Firm
•    Thurloe Cushion Firm Euro Pillow Top
•    Rexford Plush Euro Top
•    Hybrid Silver Plush
•    Hybrid
•    Cobal Firm
•    Abbington Green Plush
•    Abbington Green Cushion Firm Euro Top
•    Abbey Cushion Firm Pillow Top
•    Fairhope Abbey Plush
•    Fairhope Abbey Cushion Firm
•    Chase Plush Euro Pillow Top
•    Cherryville Plush Euro Pillow Top
•    Galston Park Firm
•    River Chase Cushion Firm
•    Rexford Firm

If you’re in the market for a Sealy mattress, come on in to your nearest Sit ‘N Sleep location or browse our full selection online. And don’t forget that we offer free local delivery on all mattress purchases over $400, and our VIP customers automatically save $100 on any purchase over $999!