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Dormeo King Mattress

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Dormeo King Mattress


Sit ‘n Sleep is proud to offer you an expansive selection of Dormeo King Mattresses, a revolutionary new type of mattress designed for maximum sleep comfort. A true hybrid, the Dormeo king mattress is considered the first to successfully combine all of the benefits of alternative bedding and traditional innersprings – without the downsides. Dormeo’s patented body-zoned construction will help you enjoy a better and deeper sleep than ever before.


The Dormeo king size mattress combines the breathability of springs with the conformability of memory foam with the Octaspring, which utilizes springs made of memory foam. Sleeping on these memory foam springs offers you one of the most comfortable night’s sleep you could imagine. The Dormeo mattress king is available from Sit ‘n Sleep in a wide range of styles and comfort levels from pillow top to firm. We also offer a number of Dormeo’s top selling adjustable base to bring you even more comfort and flexibility.



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Every Dormeo king mattress features a luxuriously soft, bespoke Italian designed cover, which offers not only a great finishing touch to these remarkable mattresses, but adds function too. The cover provides added protection against dust mites and bacteria, and is also removable and washable. The Dormeo king size mattress borders also feature air-mesh technology, offering breathability not available with traditional memory foam mattresses. This not only helps to keep the materials inside from becoming stale, but it also helps to keep you cool and dry while you sleep. Browse through Sit ‘n Sleep’s Dormeo king size mattress collection to find the one that best suits your sleep comfort needs and price point.


One of the most popular Dormeo king mattress available from Sit ‘n Sleep is the Dolcé SimplicityBed, which offers the company’s revolutionary Octaspring technology. The Octaspring design dynamically supports and cradle’s your body weight, while the adaptable MemoryCoils and EcoSprings offer pressure relief and breathable support and comfort. When it comes to king mattresses, Dormeo doesn’t cut any corners to bring you luxury and a peaceful rest.


For an unbelievable night’s sleep, Sit ‘n Sleep offers you the Sérénité ZenBed Dormeo king mattress. With a 14-inch profile, this sensual mattress offers an incredibly high level of pressure relieving comfort with a soft to medium supportive feel. Featuring Dormeo’s signature Octaspring technology, the ZenBed brings you tremendous support and comfort with unmatched air ventilation when compared to traditional memory foam mattresses.


Your Dormeo king size mattress experience wouldn’t be complete without taking advantage of the Dormeo adjustable bases available from Sit ‘n Sleep. More than just a traditional mattress foundation, the Dormeo mattress king adjustable base allows you to adjust the placement of the head or foot of the mattress to the level and angle most comfortable for your body using a wireless remote, whether you’re sleeping, reading, watching television or just lounging. And the Dormeo Adjustable Base TS200 even offers a dual full body massage feature, undercarriage LED lighting and a flush wall design for headboards.


Take your sleep experience to the next level with the revolutionary Dormeo king size mattress. Contact Sit ‘n Sleep today to find out which mattress is right for you.