Kingsdown Queen Mattress

Kingsdown Queen mattress


The Kingsdown queen mattress has been offering innovative luxurious support for over a century, and Sit ‘n Sleep is proud to bring you a wide selection of Kingsdown queen mattresses at prices your won’t find anywhere else. The Kingsdown queen size mattress has come to symbolize elegant comfort and superior luxury for some of the most celebrated individuals from around the world, and now the stylish tailoring, unforgettable features, cradling comfort and maximum pressure relief of these unique mattresses are available to you.


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Sit ‘n Sleep offers you a wide selection of Kingsdown queen mattresses to help you find the right fit for your sleep needs. Discover the unique features of these luxurious mattresses that will help you get the sound sleep you’ve been looking for. Among the many advanced features of the Kingsdown queen size mattress is the unique Cushion Cloud design that allows your body to settle into a more natural and comfortable position, while providing superior pressure relief and ergonomic support. The individually wrapped coils will also conform to your body’s particular shape and movements, while reducing disturbance for your sleep partner.


Many of the queen mattresses Kingsdown offers feature their patented Chilly Wave memory foam, featuring gel beads to give your body cooling and conforming support without the hot, sinking feeling of traditional memory foam. Sit ‘n Sleep brings you an exclusive collection of Kingsdown queen mattress sets, so you can find the mattress that best suits your needs and budget.


One of our most popular Kingsdown queen size mattress collections is the San Simeon Eurotop series. Available in four different feels, including firm, extra firm, cushion firm, and plush, the San Simeon offers Gel Fiber layer and Gel Poly layer to create a more comfortable sleep surface. Airflow channels and cooling gel beads also help to absorb the heat from surrounding memory foam cells and create ventilation for heat to escape. 


The Kingsdown queen mattress Pacific Grove Summit series offers a unique hybrid design, featuring both spring coils and memory foam for ideal postural alignment. Each of the three comfort levels also includes a center divider to diminish partner disturbance allowing for a more restful, uninterrupted sleep.


Contact Sit ‘n Sleep today to learn more about the Kingsdown queen size mattress and to find out which style is right for your sleep needs. Its time to experience the incredible night’s sleep you’ve been looking for and Sit ‘n Sleep is here to help make it happen at an unbelievable price.